Lessening The Shaving Stress With Friction Free Shaving

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about a fresh delivery through my door of a shaving subscription, and I was smitten even before the box came through my letterbox. We’re big fans of the Cornerstone shaving subscription box in our house and after getting into trouble far too many times for sneaking a use of my husband’s swish Cornerstone razor and spare blades to shave my legs I’d been on the hunt for my own lady-version of such a successful postal service for a little while.

Amazingly, a cute little service called Friction Free Shaving (or FFS for short) popped up on a beauty themed Facebook group I follow, so I jumped on the brand and was signing up for bi-monthly payments within minutes. Soon enough I was receiving a sparkling rose gold handle and spare blades to my door complete with shaving cream.


So, how does this subscription shaving service work? Basically you sign up for a monthly subscription from £5 to receive four fresh blades – one per week – through your door to pop onto a shaving handle of your choice. The upfront price isn’t too astronomical as you’re paying for the handle first but then the regular costs remain purse-friendly for as long as you want to keep the subscription rolling.

You’re not tied in for an extended period of time and signing up simply sets a direct debit from your bank account to be taken every month, but you can actually set the payment to leave every other month instead if you – like me – aren’t a serial leg shaver and won’t use a new blade head every week as intended.


The only cost that seems a little excessive from my point of view is the shaving cream. Combining manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil, you can choose to have this skin-soothing cream added to your order and be delivered at the same time as a new set of blades each month. As soon as I received mine I knew that I wasn’t going to be getting another set of blades for another eight weeks so the amount of shave cream I’d received seemed to be not quite enough.

But, on use a little goes quite a long way with this cream having the consistency of something more like conditioner than anything. Actually, I’m not shy on using hair condition for my legs when shaving anyway so this was kind of nice and, if anything, familiar. I’d that say the cream bottle size is for more suited if you have your payments set monthly rather than stretch it out like I have and in that case it seems like more than enough and when used with the razor and fresh set of blades feels like luxury.


The whole point of this razor service is that dull blades often cause cuts, grazes and discomfort as well as an awful shave. Generally spare blades from the high-street are over priced and who can seriously be bothered to go hunting for decent and cost effective set every time you need them? I don’t know about you, but I won’t de-fuzz unless I’m making a last-minute ditch of my favourite pair of jeans for a night out or something of the like so the whole process is a mad rush. Usually I’ll find a spare razor hanging around the bathroom cupboards and it’s probably dull, a bit rusty and will cause horrible cuts across my calves but I simply don’t care because I just don’t have the time.

Well, I can report that I’ve been happily using my new razor more regularly and I’ve enjoyed hopping in the bath or shower to shave my legs in leisure rather than hurry, like usual. Even better the metal in these razor heads doesn’t set off the large patch of eczema on my right shin like cheap razors do so I don’t spend all night scratching my skin raw for the sake of a few hours of supple thighs.

The final verdict is out on if I’ll keep this going for a long period of time as I hardly tend to shave my legs too much during the winter anyway. However, I’m hoping that having a regular shipment of blades will encourage me not the over-use them each time and help me to bother with smooth pins all the way through to Christmas.

Like the sound of this service? You can get 25% off of your first order with code 2AKJCN and follow this link to sign up.

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