Indulging in a Little Lush Haul

It’s not very often I treat myself these days, and with a wedding to pay for I don’t even bother to pop into my favourite shops or beauty departments and sneak something shiny into my basket but having a quick look in to Lush last week I caved.

I know it’s the height of summer but I’m craving the drowsy autumnal weather to come and that means that I’ve had this intense need to stock up on the things I love during those cosy evenings: candles, hot chocolate and pampering products. I find it difficult to say no to anything Lush anyways but gearing up for long soaks in the bath on an evening meant that my nose was in those displays straight the way. I think the last time I event went into the Cardiff branch was way back in last year for the #LushWinter2015 launch!

I didn’t have too much money to spend this time and let’s face it, we have so many lotions and potions left over from Christmas and birthdays we could wash and keep fresh a whole army for a week but I wanted something a little different for my bath and felt like delving into products I’d never tried before. Basically, I went for The Experimenter bath bomb straight the way without even giving it a good sniff which was closely followed by Intergalactic and then a Creamy Candy bubble bar.


My purchases ended up sitting on my coffee table for a week, in their packaging, because we have no ventilation in our bathroom and I didn’t want them ruined. Add to that I had no storage left in my bedroom due to my wedding invite one woman production line so I had a really amazing smelling living room for a time and I am now convinced that I no longer need to buy air fresheners, just Lush bath bombs for my house.

By the way, if you ever want to find out what a mess taking pictures of some Lush products can cause see the picture above. I tried my hardest to keep everything tidy but playing around with my lights and photo angles meant that I was covered in Lush dust from head-to-toe and it was all over my just-polished dresser too. As you can guess I gave up trying to clear it up in the end, let’s just pretend that the debris was planned for creative flair ‘kay?


I’m in love with the smell of this Creamy Candy bubble bar and not only because it was on the cheaper side! I always go for a bubble bar whenever I buy from Lush because of the versatility of them. You can crumble a little in at a time to keep them going for longer or you can just chuck the whole thing in and feel like a bubbly, slippery goddess as you soak. I chose this one because it reminded me a lot of Candy Mountain and even though I’ve not used it yet I bet I won’t be disappointed.


I’ve wanted to pick up an Intergalactic for the longest time but because of where the branch is in the centre and where I work I never seem to find myself at that end in order to just pop in and buy one so I jumped at the chance to get one this time around. I’ve been looking forward to having a glittery space adventure since I got this and I find it to have the strongest of smells out of everything I purchased. I can’t stress to you enough how much I want to jump into a bath full of this right now but I’m totally saving it for a special occasion like getting ready before a night out or after a really long and hard day.


I know these photos I’ve taken look all fancy-like with that Lust dust hanging around but wanna know which bomb was to blame? Well it was this one, The Experimenter!

I don’t know if I hadn’t handled it right – let’s face it I am very clumsy on the best of days – or if it had just fallen apart because of it’s ingredients but this bath bomb wanted to invite itself round for tea in every corner of my house. No kidding, I’ve found little nuggets of this under my sofa only the other day and that’s after I’d used it and cleaned out the tub! I don’t know what put me off getting this in the past, probably because it reminds me of a clown, but I decided that it was about time I stopped judging a book by it’s cover and listened to what my nose was smelling to me. I loved using this the other day and it went off like a rainbow in my bath which is one of the things that attracts me to Lush bath products especially. I think I’ll definitely be buying this again even if whenever I took it out of the packet it wanted to shed everywhere!

Have you brought anything from Lush lately? Have you tried any of the products in this post and what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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