Estée Lauder DW Foundation Vs The W7 Dupe

It’s about time we had a chat. A chat about a high-end foundation versus it’s dupe. I mentioned in a post before Christmas about how I really wanted to try the W7 Legend Lasting Wear Foundation to match it against it’s Estée Lauder double. Well  my loves, the time has come. Since spotting the W7 dupe of the very well established ELDW in my local B&M (of all places!) I’ve been playing these two foundations off of each other in my daily wear. Neither of these bottles came with pumps so I’ve been using a dry Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply and then buffing with this Expert Face Brush. There’s been little difference in technique of how they sit on my skin every time I apply and I feel like they’ve been very well tested. Well, as much as one can test without being scientific and whatnot so it’s time to share my thoughts.

I had my eye on the Estée Lauder foundation for a little while before I took the plunge late last year and was colour matched at a counter. The brand is one I’ve never thought of crossing before but I’d heard great things about the coverage and longevity of wear for this product so I had to give it a go. This was my first time purchase for a foundation that went over the twenty quid mark so I made sure that I was exactly colour matched with a retail assistant in my local Debenhams so I felt much more comfortable taking the bottle home with me.

The W7 foundation on the other hand… well there was only about three shades available in the shop so I went through the till with shade ‘buff’ knowing that it wouldn’t be a true match. I was quite confused looking through the display to even find a different shade in the right place because they’re not exactly clearly marked – if you’re wanting to hunt this down yourself you’re gonna have to pay attention to what’s noted on the back of the product or even just buy online and save yourself the hassle.

For some, it can seem a little backwards purchasing a dupe of a more expensive foundation I already have but as much as I was using the ELDW it was going down fast and I didn’t know if I would be prepared to spend another £30 on a replacement if I could find something cheaper that did a similiar job. The bottles and design of these two foundations are practically identical and on use the formula consistency is quite similiar as well – maybe I’d got a new holy grail in my hands with the W7?

As much as I’d come to enjoy the luxury feel of the Estée Lauder Double Wear, one of it’s primary flaws is that it dries so damn quickly. I wore this constantly for nearly week to begin with until it started to feel a little heavy on my face for everyday wear, and that’s after I’d blended it until my skin felt rubbed raw.

The foundation can feel a little cake-y on your fingers and it can go absolutely everywhere if you don’t keep your eye on the ball when applying, I can understand why they sell the pump as an additional purchase in stores. BUT, this foundation does really cover up those blemishes and it completely stays on all day. The fast-drying can be annoying as hell as I often end up with a few stain-like patches on my nose, however mixing the foundation with a water-based primer can help buff them out – it just takes a little more care and attention than usual in my routine.

Now, the W7 on the other hand doesn’t create those weird patches around my nose that I dislike. When screwing the lid off and trying to get the product out it’s a real hassle to get it flowing unless you give it a good shake. The formula is quite strange because it appears to be a lot thicker than the ELDW in the bottle but when it’s swatched and buffed out it seems to be quite thin on the skin. The coverage is good but not fantastic, but the real difference is how long it stays on the skin without rubbing off or turning slick. I get to mid-afternoon and then I find that the W7 breaks down a little and my natural oils start to break through on my face. Not to mention that it rubs off on my glasses lenses throughout the day which is quite annoying.

So, how do these two foundations stand up against each other? Both of them have their flaws, as well as their clear strengths but when you’re stacking them side by side as a high-end versus it’s dupe the W7 is a very good find. I feel like the W7 foundation was created purely with the ELDW in mind from the bottle, the package design and the formula itself. In comparison it simply isn’t the real thing, but it’s good enough.

You would struggle to get a product that stays as well as the Estée Lauder does because on it’s own it’s unique in how it sticks so well throughout the day, but on the other hand W7 is a very good alternative for the £5.99 price tag. It’s a full coverage without feeling heavy and it blends well without a lot of work but it can break down and feel oily – but then reactions like that always depend on the type of skin you have.

Ideally, it’s best to stick to the higher end but if you want to save some pennies then the W7 Legend Lasting Wear does the job better than any other drugstore alternatives I’ve tried before.

Have you tried either of these foundations? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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