Buying Bargain Make Up Brushes from Amazon

In the process of saving as much as possible for our wedding last year I became a serious convert of Amazon bargain-buys. My number one rule now is that if I see anything in a shop that catches my eye, I can more often than not find it for cheaper online. This rule applies even to make-up brushes. As much as I love my Real Techniques brushes, I was recently looking for some brushes to bulk out my collection rather than rely on the same two or three brushes until I can finally be bothered to wash them – in the end I lost hours in Amazon’s recommended beauty buys algorithms. Hours.

Inspired by beauty bloggers like Gemma who’d found a decent buy, I delved into Amazon with a level of trepidation. I knew that I wasn’t going to get the same quality as the expensive brushes I favoured, but at the same time I didn’t want to spend far too little for some crappy set or, on the other hand, pay too much for too many brushes I might not use every day. After a serious amount of researching, specific searching and scouring of reviews I eventually settled on the Qivange Eye Brushes Set for a delicious price of £6.99 and free postage.

On this occasion I wanted eye make up brushes specially because I already have plenty face brushes from Eco Tools. I was preparing to spend some time working on my eyeshadow blending game – it’s a thing – and these brushes fit the bill, even if one of them is meant to be a lip brush. I’d read up on the reviews on these brushes and the majority of them were positive. Other buyers had even stated these brushes as being as good as MAC, so needles to say I was sold on the spot.

Included in this set were several blending brushes of various types, an eyeliner brush and an eyebrow brush to complete the collection. When they arrived I was seriously impressed with their quality. They arrived next day and came packed in a velvet type drawstring bag and wrapped in cellophane. There was no damage on inspection and very little malting of the bristles as mentioned in the plenty of reviews online.

I immediately put these with the rest of my brushes and have been using them moderately of the last couple of weeks, and I’m still as impressed as I was on day one. Obviously, these are cheap synthetic brushes so they will feel their cost – inexpensive. The smaller brushes aren’t really worth shouting about like the angled eyeliner brush and I had to trim down the eyebrow brush as it was a little wonky – but this was a minor grievance when using the entire set.

The blending brushes are great for application and general blending on the brow bone, so I reach for these pretty much everyday now. To me, these brushes alone make the set worth it’s cost. They feel luxury and would make a very nice gift for someone, but of course a drawstring bag for me just went straight in the bin for the packaging and presentation did impress me when I opened them up for the first time. On use, they feel soft on the skin and they don’t cause me any irritation. They blend well enough with high and low end eyeshadow and they wash well enough too – perfect.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how much choice there is out there for make up brush sets on Amazon and it’s very easy to feel like you could happily bulk up your brushes for much under £20 but I really did my research for these brushes by sitting on the decision to buy for a good week or so. In the end I kept coming back to these again and again, so I felt like I just had to have them. For less than a tenner I feel like I’ve bagged myself a real bargain and I would happily purchase these again if this sets falls apart, in fact I quite like the look of these for the next time…

Have you purchased make up brushes from Amazon before? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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