Covering and Concealing with Make Up Revolution’s Latest Champs


I may be a little bit late to the party when it comes to how much Make Up Revolution have been upping their foundation and concealer game recently, but with the popularity of their two latest must-haves it’s been difficult to catch them in stores. Although my local Superdrug is pretty well-stocked, it seemed that as soon as the concealer especially hit the stands it was out of stock and especially in my shade – the palest of them all.

Eventually I caved and went for a C4 in the Conceal and Define Concealer which, although it isn’t as bright as I would like, was a good enough match for day-to-day use of hiding my under-eye bags. I have a very annoying dark patch under my left eye that no matter how rigorous I am with a skincare routine and how many hours kip I get, just won’t budge, so I use more concealer than foundation these days.

Nonetheless I still love a good foundation product and I was especially attracted to the Fast Base Foundation Stick when I saw a model showing off it’s coverage on the old Facebook feed. I was incredibly lucky to get this in the shade I wanted and I even got to swatch it in the shop, it stuck like glue to back of my hand for hours afterwards so I was expecting something special when I stashed it in my vanity for later.


So what are these two babes like? Well, the concealer is definitely a winner in my book for it’s wand alone. The applicator is huge in comparison to other products I’ve used and lived by (like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer) and it’s a real breeze to use. I often need to use only one swipe under eye and then I can blend, blend, blend until I’ve got a beautiful creamy base.

The formula is a little bit oily for me but it does dry quite well and works wonders as a base under the rest of my make up. The only true downsides of this is that a) it was a damn struggle to even get one of these when they were first on the market let alone one in my preferred shade (they are a little better on the stock now though) and b) the product that you get (all 3.4ml) doesn’t seem to go every far. I’ve had cheaper concealers go on for months in my stash compared the this, my bottle is nearly empty even when I’ve been watching how much I use for photography purposes. Bummer.

As for the foundation… well. I’m not the biggest fan of cream foundations anyway and I feel like stick foundations are a massive rip too. I just don’t see how you can use a stick foundation for daily wear without cutting a hole into the bottom of your purse and watching your cash disappear. I’ve owned enough lip balms to know when the amount of product you think your getting doesn’t last long. I wasn’t pinning my hopes on this as a proper foundation so I approached it more like a the heavy-duty big sis of the concealer, and it worked.

Using this foundation stick as a base does wonders for a matte and flat base to really work a strong or out-there face. I’ve totally used this as a night-out base and then worked my way up with contouring etc and it’s pretty cool. I’d say this is a nifty product to have tucked way when you need to coverage and it does blend really far so there’s no worry about having to replace it after only a handful of uses. Again, the formula is a tad too oily for my skin and it’s a lot more noticeable with this because it sticks on my glasses lenses like nothing else but, that’s a testament to it’s hydrating abilities because this isn’t a drying foundation that’s likely to crack under long-term wear.


All-in-all these two base products are a good idea to pick up when you’re next in Superdrug because they’re a great addition to any make up stash and they work really well in combination with other products. Besides, even if I’m a massive stick foundation cynic I do like to whip the fast base stick out every now and again and glide it along my cheek bones like the girls in the ad and then contour like it’s going out to style – why not.

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