Beginning My Journey Into MAC Lipsticks

As big as my make-up collection is, there’s something to say about the quality of make-up I actually hoard. The truth is, I’m a serial high street and drugstore buyer of my make-up and I’ve often acted in shock at the price tag attached to come brands such as NARS, Benefit and even MAC so I wouldn’t dream of spending a lot on a make-up brand or single item over £10.

However, in the run-up to our wedding in April I made the decision to go without a make-up artist on the day and do my own make-up in my hotel suite before the ceremony. We were to be married at 1.00pm and with the bridal suite at our venue the size of a small bungalow I thought I would have plenty of space and time to apply my own make-up and feel comfortable without having someone else create a look I may not necessarily like. Well, the space aspect of my wedding day didn’t go exactly to plan as we didn’t have access to the suite until 11.30am (more on that for another blog post methinks) but I still managed to achieve two things by creating my own make-up look: 1) I felt very confident and comfortable with my make-up that day and 2) I saved us a lot of money.


Make-up artists for weddings aren’t cheap and they charge for trials as well as their travel and supplies for your day. Heh, this was a wedding on a serious budget we were having so I decided to run down to my local Superdrug and stock up on a new foundation, mascara etc to fill in my supplies that were dwindling and £30 lighter I felt okay with the challenge of making myself look special before walking down the aisle.

BUT, I still wanted to feel like I wasn’t doing absolutely everything on the cheap and after months of printing and sticking our own menus and programmes from craft card off of ebay I felt like I needed a little treat or splurge to make it all worth it.


Well, guess who went into the MAC counter of Debenhams armed with the intention to buy one lipstick only and came out with two? Yup, that’s me. I was seriously developing heart palpitations at the thought of making such a large purchase, I mean £16.50 for a single lipstick is just criminal right?!? Nah, I’ve learnt now that the money gets easier to spend in time and the selection process even more exciting because after living with the shade Velvet Teddy for a few months I feel like my life has been changed forever.

Originally Velvet Teddy was the shade I went in for because I’d just seen it everywhere in the bloggerverse, it’s a very hard lipstick to ignore as it seems to suit so many women and their different skin tones. I tend to go for pink hues with my lipsticks anyway so going for this one as my first ever MAC buy felt safe – and I just knew that even before I swatched it that it would suit me. Needless to say I’m an avid lurker of a MAC stand as the entire process of asking a colleague for help or even being asked what I want disturbs me. I feel like an imposter at those stands like I should know what I’m looking for but I don’t… I don’t have the salary to afford a serious haul from MAC but, oh yes I love to look.

A very nice colleague did approach me in the end as I wondered around hopelessly looking for the one lipstick I wanted and as she came back to the till and asked me if I needed anything else I made a snap decision then and there – I was walking out with another lipstick in Ruby Woo and to hell with the cost.


I didn’t make the decision to buy Ruby Woo to wear it on my wedding day but my brain kinda went: ‘you know what you’re spending more than you usually do anyway, why not go to town whilst you’re here?’. I’d been eye-balling that red shade for a very long time, and I remember one of my childhood friends who became one of my bridesmaids for our wedding used to swear by it for a night out look and something in my just clicked. I wanted that lipstick in my life and I wanted it then and there. I don’t think the poor girl at the till was prepared for how short I was with her and I did apologise in the end because I seriously felt stressed making these purchases but wedding budget be damned – it was worth it!


Velvet Teddy is a deep-toned beige in a matte formula and you’ve probably heard all about it by now if you read any other beauty blogs because it’s very popular and it’s easy to see why. Sometimes the shade can look a little brown on people and more pink on others but on me it’s a mix between the both depending on the lighting etc. I knew that this was the lipstick I wanted to wear on our big day and I can happily say that it really finished off my look and it lasted all day – even through dinner and plenty of glasses of champagne. I still wear this shade on a regular basis because it’s just fantastic for an everyday look and you seriously can’t say no to a decent matte lipstick these days, especially when it’s a mute enough shade to wear for the office.


On the other hand Ruby Woo is incredibly bright and perhaps the most versatile red lipstick I’ve ever worn. Funnily enough out of the two this is the one I wear the most because I just love to lather it on for a quick day to night switch of my make-up because damn, a red lip can just make a girl feel all types of sex kitten. Ruby Woo is so matte in comparison and it stays like nothing else. I’ve only noticed a little flaking from the inside of my lips after eating but this lipstick is a champ compared to other red matte lips I’ve worn and after eating a meal they’re all over my face or crumbled into my dinner. I think this has been one of the best snap decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ve come to regret many of them, because it’s become a staple of my make-up collection and I can’t wait to get more and more wear out of it.

My first MAC buy was scary and I’m still a little reluctant to go anywhere near a stand without a friend to make me feel less like a make-up wearing and buying failure but having the opportunity to force myself to make a purchase was the best thing I ever did. I’m seriously in love with these two lipsticks and am considering repurchasing them when they run out.

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? Have you tried any of these shades? Let me know in the comments.

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