Back to the Dark Ages

I feel a late night coming on.

Since we moved into this house nearly ten years ago the bathroom has never been redecorated. As much as I love our bath and sink ensemble the units have rotted over time and the bath actually has two cracks in it, cracks that have never been caused by me dropping a heavy bottle of conditioner in the shower with my butterfingers, nope definitely not. Nonetheless over the festive period my Dad has been persuaded to re-do the bathroom for the new year and for the past three days the whole upstairs landing has been gutted and the electricity has been off for a full day.

Due to my wealth of experience living in student halls when the power unexpectedly shorts out and then living in a dodgy electrical grid area of Sunderland for a year I am used to electricity supply going kaput and having to deal with being without the essentials. Let’s just say I’ve gone into a lecture with half a head of shampoo before and had no problems with it when the electric shower suddenly stops working. I was very cold that day.

So in a bid to get on with things without a hairdryer or set of straighteners between us the mother and I escaped into town for the morning and treated ourselves to a shameful McDonald’s breakfast. You’d think with one of new year’s resolutions being to lose weight I would be shying away from the grease-joint but after getting rudely awakened by banging, drilling and the clattering of two men bounding around the house at 8am I was ready to put that one off for a few days. It’s frightfully cold today so we didn’t stick around too long, we did however make a trip into Wilkos for some bits and I accidentally went and brought a few items from the cosmetics range.

I swear this is my last purchase from what I have hoarded away from my November paycheck. I did need a mirror, and a blusher brush… at Β£2 each they were a bargain in their own… and then I saw the hairbrushes. As a newly-frequent visitor to Boots I have fawned over the professional hairbrushes and since switching my hair products for the higher end Dove intense shampoo and conditioner (my Christmas treat to myself) I really want to continue the upkeep of my hair but I’m not really willing to spend a pretty penny on five or six different brushes for styles that I may not use everyday or know how to use properly. So… at Β£1 each for every hairbrush type there is in Wilkos cosmetics range a couple may have found themselves in my basket, through the till and in the boot of Mum’s car by the time we got home. Someone will have to hold me back from a 25p hairnet and a 50p pair of dramatic eyelashes whenever I am next in town. I think I may have to take a buddy.

This afternoon has been spent wishing for the internet, watching my phone battery dwindle (I cannot wait to upgrade to the 5S, I am just waiting for that first pay check when I get into a new job!) and getting on with my 52 Week Book Challenge. I’ve read a little of Snow White Must Die already but I’ve found a bit difficult to get on with so I’ve been splitting up chapters with an academic text Inside The Tardis: The World of Doctor Who by James Chapman. The cats have been lounging all over me so I had to change back into my PJs to avoid every single item of clothing getting covered in fur but I was going to go out with a friend for a drink later yet we haven’t arranged a time or a place yet so I think that plan may be out.

Thankfully the power has just come back on so my unwillingness to boil a pan of water for a cup of tea has been fulfilled. As much as I am gasping for a brew I have a couple of things I really need to be getting on with such as sorting out my job search folder and starting the makeover of my CV which has been disrupted by no heating or internet all day. I doubt I will be getting into bed at a decent time tonight let alone be able to sleep.


Oh and the bathroom makeover that has disrupted the power all day? Hardly looks like any progress has been made at all but I am assured that the work has been done within the walls and behind the scenes.

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