A Zoella Beauty Haul

I’m no stranger to berating the products that bloggers put their name against in the beauty and cosmetics market and Zoella is perhaps the ultimate and most well-known of them to have released her own range of products and successfully gain a bigger audience in doing so. Not only has Zoe managed to pull young girls in their masses down to their local Superdrug stores for her bubble baths and body lotions but she’s now branched out into homewares and has stands of her home fragrances at every till in Debenhams shops up and down the country.

As for my feelings about the Zoella brand… well I’m a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing if I’m to be completely honest with you. I’ve never been a huge advocate for celebrities and their products because in theory all they’re doing is putting their name against a product not even developed or produced by themselves for the sake of gaining sales and income. But then again we do have celebrities such as Kat Von D who has really worked into the craft of the make-up range she has her name stamped all over and then you have Sam and Nic of Real Techniques who’ve brought real experience as make-up artists to their brand to create affordable and quality make-up brushes for all.

So in theory a blogger or celebrity with a product in the shops can be a good thing so I’ve not been as reluctant to cast my eye over to the Zoella section of Superdrug whenever I’m in there lately, but that’s if I can get past the swarms of pre-teens swatching the lotions and spraying the tester body mists all over themselves. Blergh.


My lovely Mum gifted me a few of Zoe’s items for Christmas and I actually have to say how impressed I am with the few bits I received. The bubble bath smells lovely and bubbled up really well when used with hot water running straight from the tap, but compared to other bath products I can get and fill my tub with it isn’t a massive treat for the end of a stressful day. My champion feature of this Soak Opera Bath Soak is how big the bottle is, it can sit on my bath for weeks and be used when I want a dip but don’t have any Lush bath bombs in to use instead and looks much happier on my tub than a standard bottle of something from the Pound shops. I think when this runs out, if it ever does, I might choose a bottle of Bath Latte or a Fizz Bar for a change but this bottle is a decent bathroom cupboard staple if anything.


In my What’s in My Make-Up Bag post last year I showed off my Barry M freebie bag that I’d just started using to chuck in some bits and pieces for when I’m on the go and haven’t had time to put my face on. Well, since Christmas I’ve been using this Zoella Wink Wink Beauty Bag instead and it’s pretty alright. What more is there to say about a make-up bag really? The zip is strong, the inside material is decent and it’s thick enough to not worry about anything in it getting damaged. I suspect this will last as long as it takes me to accidentally smash a face powder on the inside, which won’t be very long with my track record.


The cherry on the top of cake for this little booty I was gifted is the Hungry Hands Cream that smells like gingerbread cookies. I’ve been using the Soap and Glory hand creams for a really long time but find them to be quite oily so I don’t often carry one around with me because I’ve discovered that there’s so much residue it takes ages to dry up and that’s not what you need when you’re on the go like I am. This big tube of tasty-smelling hand cream is a must though, it’s been going around with me since Christmas simply because it dries up so quickly. The smell is a little too sickly for me and I actually don’t like gingerbread all that much but as a seasonal product I’m still rocking this throughout the rest of winter.

Generally from the few items I was gifted of Zoella’s beauty range it’s made me feel like less of a grumpy old woman moaning about bloggers and celebrities selling products for the sake of it because each item I’ve used is of good quality and not some old tat like one could suspect. Given the popularity of these items and the audience age-range I still feel far too old to be sniffing around the displays in shops but who the hell cares, I’ll spend my money where I want at the end of the day. I’ll definitely be giving any new products a second glance when I see them from now on.

Have you used any of the products from Zoella? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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