A Reasonably Priced Lipstick Collection for Any Makeup Bag

I work in the city centre so at times I find myself walking around the shops spending some time drooling over the eyeshadow palettes I wish I could afford. There’s plenty of choice to choose from such as Kiko, Boots and my new favourite the Superdrug Beauty Studio. A unique branch for the company, I can pop in when I have a spare twenty minutes to get my eyebrows threaded and pick up a few staples (aka that emergency pack of tampons because I’ve left my stash in another bag).

Recently, I was sniffing around the beauty tools section and trying not to get crushed to death by all of the young girls scrambling at the Zoella Beauty section (seriously girls – if you ain’t gonna buy it, don’t stick your fingers in it) when I basically fell right into the Freedom cardboard stand.


I hadn’t come across this brand before but as I quickly tried to put everything back that I’d knocked on the floor I spotted the Reds Lipstick Collection and my eyes turned into that little heart emoji. I love me a red lipstick and I have loads of strong matte reds in my collection. I truly enjoy chucking on an outfit and then complete the look with a really bright or bold red lip to finish it off – and to try not to reapply all wonky when I’ve had a few drinks on a night out.

L – R: Born With It, Make Me Crazy, Red Fever, Red Wine, Expression

I wish I’d swatched these before before buying but my debit card was too busy marching itself over to the till because each lipstick works out at £1 each and was on sale at the time. I’m not 100% on where this make up line lies between cheap and premium but unfortunately I’ve not been very impressed. You can see on my arm how weak the pigment is on some of them and how bitty the formula is on first use. I would advise using these with a little lip balm for smooth application and then something to seal on top too because the wear isn’t the greatest.


BUT, these lipsticks are cheap as chips. If you want something to bulk out your collection rather than spending on a palette – of which I find pick up all sorts of fluff and crap at the bottom of my make up bag – then I would strongly recommend investing in this set and some others too. If you’re anything like me and you don’t want to spend big on brands like MAC and NYX before you buy a new colour or shade you’ve never tried against your skin tone before then go for Freedom.


I’ve put one or two of these in with my everyday make up and even though the wear isn’t the greatest I don’t expect these to be a miracle cosmetic anyway, they’ve actually been a worthwhile addition instead of wearing my usual same old shades.

Have you seen this brand or do you own a lipstick from this collection already? Let me know in the comments.

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