The £20 Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier Machine

During my two weeks of annual leave in January I was determined to get on with many of the small tasks that tend to be forgotten around home. Organising the pantry, sorting out old clothes for charity and finally cleaning out my step-daughter’s bedroom. One of the urgent things I really needed to do was clean my make up brushes. Did I get round to it? Nope.

I’ve mentioned before my loathing of washing my brushes, favouring to buy new ones instead of cleaning them thoroughly. Quite frankly, some of my brushes were in a disgusting state and I’d even stopped using some of them altogether. It was getting to state where if anyone were to come my house and see my vanity I’d be craftily hiding my brushes in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

It must have been about a year ago when Rick sent me a video of a vlogger using an electric brush cleaner. I was amazed at watching this review of this tiny electric brush cleaner and dryer that effectively washed this girl’s dirty make up brushes and then dried them by spinning off the excess water.

I remember this girl being amazed at how the brushes cleaned themselves in a small bowl of hot water with a little bit of shampoo and then how, when she swatched against a piece of kitchen towel they were bone dry and clean. Well, I finally caved and ordered myself a cheapo version from Amazon I too was amazed at how my brushes dried themselves!

If you’re as cheap as I am and don’t have any Duracell’s hanging around your house then you better spend a couple of quid on a mountain of batteries because I went through three sets cleaning my brushes with this device.

What comes in the box for this twenty-quid-wonder is various rubber ends for your brushes, a bowl for your warm water and brush cleaner of choice (I use the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Brush Gel that I got for Christmas) and a spinning spoodle-type-thing. Basically you find the rubber end that fits your brush, stick your brush in and attach it to the spoodle, and then you press the button on the side and the brush starts spinning around ready for you to dip into your pot of water.

By the time I’d had a bit of play with a couple of my brushes and then faffed about finding the right rubber holder for them my first set of batteries had died. The spoodle-spinner needs some serious juice to keep running on high, which one of the only real faults of this product.

Generally, this bit of kit was just a bit of fun. I wouldn’t dare spend the £50+ region for the real thing but this knock-off was good enough in the end. The connection on the spoodle-spinner seems a little flimsy so I was fretting about snapping it but it’s stronger than it looks, it didn’t bend or break at all when changing the silicone holders.

Speaking of those holders… although there’s plenty of sizes to choose from they fit only a handful of my brushes so I had to use a piece of tissue to keep them gripped when spinning. I found that you really have to jam the brushes in straight otherwise they don’t spin properly and therefore don’t wash or dry either.

On a side note, Kipper was obsessed with spoodle-spinner. He’s the sort of cat that just loves to be in the company of people anyway so he can often be found sitting on my desk whilst I type at my laptop or staring out of the window as I do my make up in the morning just so he can be around me.

I haven’t experienced him get so close before though, he spent ages staring at the brushes as they span from dipping them in the water to then holding them just below the rim so the water span off in droplets and moved around the bowl. I was expecting him to swipe for them but he just seemed fascinated, so if you’re in the market for a cat-pacifier you’ll be fine with this.

Overall this electric brush cleaner was a fun way to spend some of my afternoon doing a chore I usually hate. My smaller blending brushes washed and cleaned up a treat, but the bigger face powder brushes just weren’t having it. They didn’t spin properly in the bowl so they we covered in cleaning product, I swilled those out in the bathroom sink instead and then gave them a spin dry with the spoodle-spinner. I wasn’t expecting miracles anyways being as the pixies didn’t come in the night and clean my brushes for me, but for the price of this electric cleaner and dryer I’m not complaining.

This was a trendy little payday treat and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who came out of woodwork on my personal Facebook and asked about where I’d got it.

Have you purchased one of these electric brush cleaners before? How was it for you? Let me know in the comments.

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