Oliver is Four Months Old

My little squishy newborn in four months old. Four months.

I feel like this post would’ve been a tad more acceptable for an update at three months rather than now but God knows, I haven’t been able to figure my arse from the elbow since he was born so getting something like this written down is nothing short of a miracle.

My baby. I almost can’t believe he’s mine if it wasn’t for the baby-shaped mish-mash of stuff in my home, the late nights and early mornings. I feel a bit like I’m still in that denial stage that I had a baby, let alone one that’s growing so quickly. I recently stumbled across some photos from his first few weeks and he looks like a completely different baby, all crumpled up and grumpy from being in a cosy womb for nine months and now it’s like he’s fully unfurled and become a little person that’s always watching to take everything in.

He’s mastered sleeping through the night but he won’t go down at a dedicated time. Oliver is absolutely in charge of when he conks out and that usually requires a cuddle from Mum or Dad first. This tends happen in our bed until he’s deeply sleeping enough to be put into his bassinet which is in his cot-bed in our room. We’ve been lucky that he’s slept consistently since about nine weeks and then dropped his 4am feed at three months old. Now he likes to be fed 7oz of formula four times a day starting anywhere from 6am and will nap on and off depending until about 8-9pm when bedtime cuddles happen.

My little boy may be doing lots of exciting things like staring at objects, grabbing and holding toys, babbling away and accepting that tummy-time is totally okay to happen on surfaces other than Mummy’s chest but he’s still small enough to fit in his bassinet. It won’t be long until he outgrows it and we’ve tried him in his cot-bed a couple of times for naps but he seems to dislike the extra room. Watch this space for his next update and I hope we’ll have cracked the cot-bed because I’ve just taken delivery of a Joie playpen for him to play and nap in downstairs during the day and the thing is like a kingsize bed on him in scale.

I’ve figured out that developmental milestones in babies happen completely at their own pace and in their own way because this kid will not roll without encouragement at all. When he was a couple of weeks old he used to like rolling onto his side and I was worried that I would be spending my nights setting him on his back before he hit three months – but no. My child will only do these things as and when he wants. Sitting up? Oh yeah, Oliver was straining his neck to pull himself up so much I had to change his travel system to a pushchair before the recommended six months but pushing his chest up whilst on his tummy in preparation for crawling – no way. It took him three weeks for a windy smile to transform into a genuine grin and now a proper giggle only when he finds something really funny which is currently pointing at him and pretending to tell him off. What a determined and cheeky little shit I have on my hands.

Speaking of smiles, my favourite thing ever for four months is how he has figured out smiling back. In the morning or after a nap I adore looking into his bassinet to see his sleepy face and smiling at him of which he will realise it’s me and then give me a big grin in return. Those moments are the ones that make me feel all melty on the insides that I have a little baby who is my own.

Nonetheless my little wriggler has recently figured out throwing himself back, arching his legs and pulling at our hair and glasses. He’s just learnt some more body control and is loving giving his new moves a go to show off when he’s feeling frustrated rather than just crying. Last weekend he was teething badly for the first time and was wriggling and grumbling near constantly. He wouldn’t be held or wouldn’t be put down, it was a nightmare. The only thing that calmed him down in the end was strapping him in his carseat, rocking him on the kitchen floor and making faces at him for forty minutes – the silly things we do for our kids!

We’re all doing okay in the house. It feels like the dust has completely settled although there’s more round the corner because Oliver turns exactly six months old on Christmas Day and then our weaning journey will begin. Give me strength!

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