My 2017 Resolutions

I’m not one to usually make resolutions and stick to them each year. The one that tends to stand out every year for the past five has been to loose weight and I’ve gotten so far then failed so I’m not going to curse that one with making it an official resolution for 2017 – I […]

Read in November

Err please excuse my little mistake on the photographs taken for this post as I didn’t actually read Hollow City this month it was actually last month and I’ve no idea how I ended up taking photos of this book for this set. I somehow even forgot to take a picture of the cover for Eileen as […]

Read in October

Yup, this reading round-up is a little late again this month but hey, I lead a very busy life and we had some big personal life stuff to deal with right in the middle of October which meant I didn’t do that much reading anyways but oh well… I do admit that because I’ve not been reading […]

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