Fork In Chips Loughborough Review

There’s been a flux of new restaurants and fast-food places opening in Loughborough lately and being as we hardly have any shops to browse around it means that I’ve spent a fair few lunchtime dates with the husband popping into cafes or coffee shops. We’ve been trying out different spots to occupy the baby in […]

Oliver is Seven Months Old

Here we are, seven months! I write this nearly every update but it still stands, I can’t believe how quickly time is flying and how my little squish is now a much bigger squish. He wriggles, he screeches, he laughs and he likes to reach down and pinch my nip when he comes into our […]

Oliver is Six Months Old

Here we are again, another monthly update post about Oliver. Truth be told I’ve struggled to sit down and write these words even though I’ve had the photos on my laptop for a while. Not because I’m struggling with the passage of time as my newborn grows, because that I am, but because I’ve had […]

Oliver is Four Months Old

My little squishy newborn in four months old. Four months. I feel like this post would’ve been a tad more acceptable for an update at three months rather than now but God knows, I haven’t been able to figure my arse from the elbow since he was born so getting something like this written down […]

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