Wedding Weight Loss: Week Seven

Beginning Weight: 17st 1lb – Ending Weight: 16st 11lb

It’s been a few weeks since I dieted properly due to a hectic work schedule etc so I finally got back on the band-wagon to keep on slimming for the wedding… hopefully normal service can carry on. Check out how I got on this week:


I have a really busy day today even though I’m not working. I look at the scales in the morning and nothing seems to have changed in a week – the number isn’t going down or going up so no progress is being made. I have plans to go to the bank, then hit the gym and go to an Apple appointment with my poorly MacBook in the early afternoon.

I have just toast for breakfast because I’m in a rush waiting for my computer to do a Time Machine backup before we leave the house. It’s a scorcher of a day and despite words of warning from a colleague the day before about how hot it was going to be I wear the tightest pair of cut offs I own and a loose t-shirt. Even by midday I’ve ditched the t-shirt and gone only for the vest regardless of how overweight I feel with my flabby arms out its that warm. We do some errands around the city and end have a picnic type lunch in the castle. We somehow manage to buy and eat some completely non healthy things such as a packet of kettle crisps to share. I sign off having any dinner because I dread to think of the calories we’re just had between us.

We roast in the sun and I’m pretty toasted already when we drop my Mac off to the Apple hospital to have its screen replaced. It won’t be available until tomorrow so there goes my visit to the gym after work because no way am I leaving valuables like that in one of the lockers even if I have a padlock and key. We head home and bake even more on the way and then have an accidental nap for a few hours. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of heatstroke and being generally exhausted in life but we have a calm evening together watching some Netflix and I’m hungry enough for just a few rice crackers and spread for dinner.


Back to work today and I’m on an early shift for the first time in weeks. I much prefer the early shift because I can have an evening at home and my life generally feels a lot more in focus when I have a few of them in a row.

I wake up red raw with sunburn but have to wait until I’ve gotten the bus into the centre before I can have my porridge and I feel quite hungry and uncomfortable all morning. I’ve got a pay issue with my last payslip and I feel quite stressed about it so I’m concerned that the worry will send me into overeating but I’m determined to stay good all day and put my frustrations into doing a good job and keeping busy – after all the more I move the more steps I build up!

I have the usual cous cous for lunch and make the most of the weather by sitting outside in the sun. It’s very hot and I sit under a tree for some shade instead of right in the sunshine. I’m very good at lunch and don’t eat anything extra and I hold on right up until dinner which a Caesar salad kit and fresh paprika flavoured chicken pieces. I’m trying to reduce the amount of sauces I eat so I’ve started to use measuring spoons so I only have a small amount of light salad cream with dinner rather than slather it all on for the sugar.

I’m still a little hungry in the evening so I have two salad rice cakes with very light cheese spread on top. The spread is practically water but it has enough flavour to be worthwhile.


I didn’t sleep the best last night because it was so warm but I managed to squeeze in more quality sleep than the night before and I feel a lot better. I still have the pay issue to sort out but it isn’t worrying me as much today and I feel like I can put on my brave face and have a really productive and positive day at work. I pack a banana for breakfast and wait patiently for the bus because I know that I have a porridge waiting for me in my locker to eat too.

I only eat half of the porridge and it keeps me going right up until lunchtime and I go outside for some fresh air. I keep up resisting any temptation but go to Boots and spend about £20 I don’t have on some new make-up because my face powder has smashed everywhere and I’m sick of all of my clothes being covered in powder. I can’t wait to put a face on tomorrow morning and try out some of the new products I put in my basket.

Dinner is home-made chicken tikka masala with sauce from Tesco’s healthy range – it’s my favourite sauce kit because it’s so tasty and is good on calories too.


We watched Eat Well for Less last night and they tried a recipe using cheese, and egg and a little milk to make breakfast muffins so we try a healthier version this morning but discover that the cheese is a crucial ingredient because it binds everything together and we don’t have any in the house. The muffins turn out okay enough but I’m on a late shift and I know that it’s going to be a really long day.

I plan on having a healthy lunch but Rick comes into work with a sneaky McDonalds. I work out the calories and I can afford the meal by only having a very light dinner. It’s good to eat a burger and not feel starving straight the way afterwards. I’m very aware of having a balanced diet rather than stopping myself from having any of the things I enjoy forever. The day goes well and my mind if kept off of feeling hungry because I have a steadily swelling arm from falling up a kerb the day before – I go to bed hoping that there isn’t too much damage for the morning after.


I eat quite well all day because with my parents visiting for three days I know that I’m going to be out of control. My arm is still very tender and I feel that getting back into the gym is going to be a write off for the time being.

I put a lot of my concentration into work and have a good healthy lunch of my usual cous cous and fresh ingredients. Rather than buy the packs of cooked meats in our weekly shop, Rick has started cooking me up some chicken pieces beforehand and I can add them to packed lunch like before but with less cost. We have a light dinner of a few sausages and mash. There were peas on my plate but to be honest they were from the tin and we both weren’t the biggest fans of them so neither of us ate them. Dinner was so light because the main portion of the meal was the sausages that were so delicious! I can’t remember which brand they were at this moment in time but they were amazing and certainly something we will buying again.


We have a day walking around the city so I know that I will get my steps in and I can keep up the good work of this week as long as I exercise. I have a breakfast of egg and a muffin again and we take a trip to the New York Deli for lunch. We’ve been before and introduce my Dad to a hoagie and he can’t get over how much it cost for so much on his plate. I order a Cardiff hoagie and take half of it home to finish later and we all dine out at a local pub for dinner. We all keep away from the alcohol because most of us are dieting and I feel full and satisfied when I turn in for the night.


Today is perhaps the worst day for eating naughty things since I started my diet and that includes the few weeks I had off eating more loosely than my diet called for. We have a good breakfast and a light lunch as we explore South Wales with my family but we end up in a restaurant called Steak of the Art for dinner. If you have chance, check out the menu but seriously don’t even think about counting the calories! I have a full plate of steak for my dinner but we all enjoy having a treat between us and stepping on the scales the morning proves to me that this diet is all about eating in balance because I still manage to loose four pounds in just over a week and a half since I picked everything up again!

I’m just hoping next week will be just as successful…