Wedding Weight Loss: Week Two


Beginning Weight: 17st 10lb – Ending Weight: 17st 9lb

Day Nine:

It’s the day after weigh-in and I have a day off but we end up spending the whole day searching for craft supplies and doing a hell of a lot of admin for the wedding. I get off a stop earlier from the bus and walk to a retail park to nose around Hobbycraft and end up spending over £80 from the budget… woops. But, it’s all for a good cause because we have all of our invitation supplies and by the end of the day I’ve got a fair few quotes from suppliers. I feel like I’ve eaten so much today and really picked at bad foods but by logging everything I eat I’m within my quota. In an attempt to try and use up the spinach in the fridge I stupidly trust Rick to try a new pasta recipe I find online and he is a bit over generous with the chilli flakes it called for. We both bin the pasta and call it a day with a cup of tea instead.

Day Ten:

I have leftovers from last night for lunch because neither of us could finish a whole portion with the spice. I figure out that the spice has congregated primarily in the spinach leaves so pick at the pasta only. I decide to hit the gym after work because I tend to have just under an hour wait for the bus home anyway. Not only do I waste time trying to figure out how to get into the gym alone because my code decides to stop working but I also spend another five minutes of workout time fiddling around my locker and padlock. Not good.

Worked out legs. Yes I know my trainers are ancient and I have one leg rolled-up, I was too busy pretending to be in ‘the zone’.

I have a go on the rowing machine because there’s plenty of free pieces of equipment during a busy evening session but this ends in complete disaster. I’m wearing a sleeveless men’s shirt and because that’s made out of slippery lycra and isn’t designed for boobs it rides up into a crop top when I’m exercising and shows off all of my flab in motion. I put up with it for a good twenty minutes and then call it quits. No more men’s shirts for me.

Day Eleven:

I leave the gym for the day and just concentrate on working and sticking to my diet. I have a bagel and chicken paste for breakfast and a Naked Noodle pot for lunch. I don’t do much apart from feel tired and miserable all day but most importantly not hungry. The extreme pangs seem to have gone away a little now because my stomach has gotten used to the smaller meals but I’m still gasping for a cheese toastie at the end of the day when I get home. The good news is I didn’t give in.

Day Twelve:

I have my best day for calorie consumption and exercise so far with only eating just over 1000 calories total. I hit it at the gym after work and find the experience a hell of a lot more comfortable. It’s a Saturday evening and there’s less people around but the those who are there are there just the work out and not fanny around in big groups all trying to work out together and on equipment next to each other. I do a good twenty minutes on the bike, a round of weights and manage three minutes on the rowing machine before I feel like I need a break because I’m feeling faint. I sit it out for five minutes and eat an apple, I think rushing it straight there and eating so little that day wasn’t a good idea even if it was all healthy and above board my body still needs to adjust and because of my weight I can’t keep up with everyone else just yet. I push myself to do a finishing forty minutes on the treadmill and then go home. My muscles feel all achy in the evening and I have a hot shower and change into my pyjamas and consider the day a job well done.

Nachos and one lone chicken wing from the selection we had on the table.

Day Thirteen:

I go out for a meal with work colleagues as it’s our end of financial year celebration and we’d decided to go to eat at Smoke Haus in the city centre. Now I’ve heard good things about this place but the menu has been floating around the staff room for a week but the only thing I could choose to eat without feeling like I was ruining my diet was a chicken caesar salad, I even stretched myself to nachos to start. Oh my word, when the starter alone arrived I was seriously regretting just breathing the calorific air around me – the portions were huge!

It tasted much better than it looked, believe me!

For someone embarking on a life-changing weight loss diet and trying to be really good going out to eat at this place was the worst idea. The salad tasted great but it was so bad because it came with breaded chicken and the salad leaves were obviously soaked in something like feta cheese. Past me would’ve loved it but the dieting me whose stomach has been used to must smaller portions for the past two weeks was flagging even before the main meal, and yet I still ate most of it. I feel sick all night and go to bed almost as soon as I get home.

Day Fourteen:

I feel rotten all day and only eat half a portion of porridge for breakfast. I just manage some lunch but when I get home we decide to try a vegetarian replacement of mushroom and risotto bakes with salad. As nice as the flavours were I still felt like a were chewing the pickings of the bush in the front garden – not nice.

Came home to this creation, apparently it took three lots of washing up just for the prep but I think that’s a lie.

Day Fifteen:

It’s weigh-day and I only loose one pound!

I’m not feeling as gutted as I thought I would but I guess my meals have been quite inconsistent this week. I’ve enjoyed being more active but I think I’ve not been doing exercise at the right times and at the right consistency to see a result. I decide to be more strict with myself for the week ahead and stick to all my calories for the day. I usually have a half-hour wait for the bus after work but I walk about a quarter of the route home instead – somehow I don’t feel like it’s taken so long to get home tonight even though I’m through the door at the same time.

Rick tries a recipe from the Hair Dieters book that’s been gathering dust on the bookcase and we eat a very healthy shepherds pie with even less calories because he uses meat replacement mince instead of the real thing. It tastes quite good because it’s bursting full of flavour and better yet we even eat off of side plates so we don’t overdo it on portions. I go to bed achy but all warm and full of pie, bring on the next day!

Come back next week to read my progress…