Wedding Weight Loss: Week Three


Beginning Weight: 17st 9lb – Ending Weight: 17st 6lb

You’ll have to excuse my sunburnt face and overall tired look in the above picture because 1) I’ve been working all of the overtime lately and 2) somewhere between working all of those hours I managed to catch the sun during this glorious sunny spell South Wales has been having.

Oh yeah, and this post is actually a bit late because of all that overtime too. It’s alright, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when my pay-check rolls in (I wish)…

Day Sixteen:

I stick with the old favourite of a Tesco seeded bagel toasted for my breakfast and for lunch I have leftovers from last night – even though my lunchbox leaked all over my bag I still enjoyed re-heated shepherd’s pie. We try another recipe from our new favourite Hairy Dieters book and eat up a paprika chicken dish for dinner. I think today is the most I’ve eaten in weeks and it feels so damn good, if a little sinful.

Day Seventeen:

We push the boat out a little bit and I have a proper breakfast of a toasted bagel with some bacon and a poached egg. I love my poached eggs and can cook them really well without breaking the yolk so when Rick manages to pull one off himself without any help I’m really impressed. I skip the gym that day and decide to just concentrate on eating well. I have salmon and instant mash for dinner with some vegetables and generally feel pretty full by the end of the day which makes a nice change.

Being good when you’re away from home is difficult, especially when you go to a seaside town full of naughty treats in the shop windows

Day Eighteen:

Today is Friday and looking back on my diary I had a hoisin duck sushi pack for breakfast… long story short we travel up to Scarborough on this day where I am to meet my future step-daughter for the first time. You’d think I’d be too nervous to eat but having my usual mealtime routine thrown out of the whack leaves me feeling hungry all day and I constantly struggle to find some food that fits in my calorie consumption and fills me up. Eating on the go when dieting is very hard and the weekend proves to be a lesson in how not to do it as we end up having a very filthy gammon, egg and chips in a pub on the evening – not the best of ideas!

Day Nineteen:

I cave and have a full English breakfast in the hotel. Rick knows the owners well and they go the extra mile to accommodate us so our meals are not dripping with fat and they taste delicious. My action plan for the day works and when we take out Rick’s daughter for lunch I stay away from the McNuggets and only have water and a few cups of tea throughout the day without feeling hungry at all. We do lots of walking and we count a huge forty-nine steps up from the seaside in the afternoon. Turns out hanging around with a young person all day is hard work but a total blast I am positively exhausted on the train home.

The field view may have been stunning but the hot weather made the animal poop stink – not sure if I will become a full time rambler though
This meal was so delicious and really filling after a walk in the sun on a Sunday afternoon

Day Twenty:

Today is meant to be a rest day after all of our travelling yesterday but I decide to go for a walk in the afternoon to the local village because the weather is so nice. I have a hiking walking stick but spend most of my time trying to fish out of the mud or forgetting I have it with me but the afternoon is a lot of fun and I feel well exercised when we get home. We have to have lots of stops along the way to rest so I end up with a good bit of sunburn but it was worth it for the healthy chicken caesar salad at a local pub for lunch. This one was a marked improvement on the last one I had to endure!

Day Twenty-One:

I have a very naughty day today even though I started really well with a pot of porridge for breakfast. I’m back at work and stick to my usual cous cous but by dinner I am starving after (yet more!) gammon and eggs. All of my meals are healthy and above board but I give into temptation and have two rice cakes with toppings for a snack. My belly feels better when I roll into bed but I feel like I’ve somehow broken down that wall of resisting temptation that I’ve done so well to keep up…

Day Twenty-Two:

I have a hearty breakfast of poached eggs and brown toast for breakfast – this is my favourite meal when I’m working a late shift because it gives me the time in the morning to not only eat a filling meal but also slowly drink a cup of tea and wake myself up ready for the day. I have lunch outside in the sunshine with Rick and we split a pitta bread with falafel between us from one of the stalls in Cardiff centre. I feel good and generally focused on dieting even though I know the past week hasn’t been the best so I’m not wishing the shed many pounds when I weigh in.

Good thinking because turns out all of that exercise lost me a good three pounds – get in!