Wedding Weight Loss: Week Six


Beginning Weight: 17st 1lb – Ending Weight: 17st 1lb – No loss?!?

Thus, we reach week six of my weight loss journey and it has been full of it’s ups and downs at that! I’ve enjoyed some weeks and felt like I’ve really been on top of it all and some weeks I’ve felt awful because I know I’ve not done enough to feel satisfied with my weight loss. But hey ho, losing weight and living a full and hectic life is difficult but it all comes as part of the package – I’m going to write a post about my monthly progress quite soon and post it here but until then: here’s my week six progress.

Day Thirty-Five:

I have the usual eggs and toast for breakfast this morning and I have a full packed lunch ready to eat at work but I arrive in the morning to find that the staffroom is totally out of bounds. Technically the branch is closed today but I’m still in doing lots of behind the scenes work to get us ready. I go out to a place called Eat for my lunch and have a small cauliflower cheese soup and a ham and cheese sandwich. The soup is really tasty but the sandwich is deadly for it’s calories but I know now that eating healthily doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the bad things all of the time so I suck it up and have a much lighter dinner than what was planned to make up for it.

Day Thirty-Six:

Again it’s my usual breakfast because of the next few weeks atleast I am on late shifts and these meals tend to keep me going. I have my cous cous I packed for the day before for lunch and end up having perhaps the tastiest meal for weeks which is a thai green curry with a little bit of rice for dinner. I feel satisfied although quite tired so I retire to bed really early and decide to make it a habit of winding down after work and not letting my exhaustion overtake my dieting so that I don’t end up eating the bad stuff to cheer myself up.

My amazing Graze order – that’s six portion packs in each box by the way!

Day Thirty-Seven:

I have a day off and I fill it with going to my GP to get the health issue that has been stopping me from going to the gym sorted out. I go home with about three week’s worth of antibiotics and as I walk up the hill back home the heavens open and I tumble into my front door absolutely soaking wet right down to my bra and knickers. I don’t log my food for today because I’m in the midst of an argument with my Fitbit and the MyFitnessPal app because it has stopped logging my steps and exercise and no matter what I try the two apps on my phone just won’t talk to each other. I feel lost without my routine of syncing my apps with my activity and calorie consumption but even though I’m hacked off I still eat well this day and end up making a huge Graze order in the evening thanks to a 40% off code from Sophia of Tattooed Tealady.

Day Thirty-Eight:

Back to work and I show off to everyone my order from the night before and I am totally excited for when it arrives because we love a Graze box snack in our house. The portion boxes go so well for a packed lunch or a small snack in the afternoons and we’ve ordered quite a variety of different things, even some that I’ve never tried before. I eat the usual for breakfast and lunch but mix it up a little bit by buying a bigger pack of fajita steak from Tesco and portioning it off. The meat tastes lovely and isn’t too bad but the smell is so strong and it stinks out the fridge in the staff room all day – sorry! Dinner is a Chinese chicken sauce with some noodles on the evening as Rick and I watch some TV together before I retire to bed. As tired as I am I quite miss going to the gym and I feel really lazy because I’m not working out but I know that a) I really don’t have the time right now and b) I need to let the infection I have clear up before I start going again. Blah.

Day Thirty-Nine:

I finally get my apps working again! I am so relieved it is ridiculous. I log my food all day and my step counts really make a difference. I’m doing so much walking that I hit my step target by the early afternoons now and I’m considering moving my target up to compensate. I eat the usual morning and lunch meals and then have salmon and potatoes for dinner. Rick has been eating earlier than me and then saving me dinner to eat when I get home because I arrive so late but it doesn’t feel quite right eating a meal on my own but I can’t exactly expect him not to eat past 9pm because I can’t. Our Graze order arrives and I just manage to squeeze in taking some pictures as we unbox it all and try and fit the order into our cupboards and I can’t wait to write a blog post all about it when I next have chance.

My usual breakfast where it all started off so well. I’d like to say that I’m pretty awesome at poaching an egg by now.

Day Forty:
This was perhaps my longest day on record for feeling really tired. I’m stressed out and not feeling the greatest because of the infection I have but the medication is slowly working. I end up in the house on my own in the evening and I have the worst dinner of a tin of macaroni cheese and four rice cakes with cheese spread. I’m really worn out and ready just to decompress in front of a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars before Rick gets in. I nearly nod off on the sofa but just manage to make it into bed.

Really enjoyed the film we saw and I do admit that even though I was tempted by the cinema treats on offer I hardly snacked at all – probably because I was laughing too much…

Day Forty-One:
I have another long day and it was planned for us to have a light Sunday dinner the same as last week but in the weekly order someone forgot to order the chicken… Rick meets me after work and we decide to have an evening out seeing The Secret Life of Pets at the cinema because it will mean I can spend my day off the day after staying in and getting on with some jobs. We have a meal out at Pieminister (my favourite place to eat in Cardiff centre) and I try not to go overboard by eating a Moo & Blue pie with some sweet potato fries on the side. We stay away from dessert and I only have a handful of popcorn during the film but I’m feeling unexcited about my weekly weigh-in even if we haven’t eaten out together in the longest time and I know I didn’t go mental with a three course dinner I didn’t need to eat.

At my weekly weigh-in I almost sigh with relief because I’ve stayed the same and not lost or gained – the latter of which I was convinced had happened. I know this week hasn’t been the best and I cringe looking back at some of the naughty things I’ve eaten but I know that it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse – I just can’t wait to get back into the swing of exercising now.