Wedding Weight Loss: Week One


Beginning Weight: 18st 6lb (God help me!) – Ending Weight: 17st 10lb

Day One:

I decide to weigh myself for the first time in nearly a year. Crap. I’m much heavier than I anticipated and to top it all off my last MyFitnessPal weight input shows me as one whole stone lighter. I hide my current weight on my phone so I don’t have to look at it constantly. No thanks to that.

I head to an early shift at work armed with the healthiest lunch I’ve ever packed in my life. I’m tempted to leave my purse at home because I know how easy it is for me to walk down the road and buy naughty things but brush that idea off in case of an ’emergency’ whilst I’m out. I’m a good girl and eat everything without buying extras. I’m starving by the time I get home and gobble up my dinner. I could apply for Britain’g Got Talent with how quickly I can eat a cooked meal without chewing or maybe the Guinness Book of Records.

Day Two:

I somehow figure out how to set up the two apps I use together properly so MyFitnessPal and Fitbit work out how many calories I consume and how many I burn. I’m on lates for the rest of the week and really dreading it because my lunch hour is usually all over the place and I get a serious case of the hangry by 11am.

I have a bagel with salmon paste for breakfast and munch of some pieces of apple for a snack in the early afternoon even if they’ve gone a bit brown in my bag between when I left the house and when I arrived at work. I devour my cous cous for lunch and hang on without snacking on the extra flapjack I packed for the evening saving me some extra calories. I get home pretty late on and have a really light lunch of one jacket potato and tuna.

Day Three:

Usually I get the case of the munchies in the evening but last night I resisted. I wake up with actual stomach cramps in the morning and have to have a cup of tea just to calm it down. Because I was up unusually early I look into local gyms in Cardiff centre and book a seven day free pass at the PureGym with a Weight Loss Induction next Monday in the mindset that it won’t hurt to try it out. My days off suddenly become booked up with exercise… who am I?

Healthy packed lunches do not look cool! I think I can score points for the least colourful packaged meal ever?

Day Four:

I have a last minute shift swap and do and early before the weekend shifts. I haven’t worked a full weekend in ages and am dreading it. Rick meets me for my lunchbreak and we sit outside in the sunshine enjoying having the time together. I have a Naked Noodle cup and split a Kinder Egg, Rick lets me keep the toy. Dinner is a light affair of salmon and mash, I think I need to reconsider my portion controls because even though the amount I had on my plate was apparently within my calorie budget for the day I still feel like it was too much. We agree from now on to approach every meal with a ‘side plate’ portion when dishing up.

Day Five:

It’s Eurovision night and I am gasping for a glass of wine and a massive bowl of cheesy Doritos and dip for the evening after work. The avoid the cravings I walk for twenty extra minutes outside of the centre to catch my bus and get off a stop earlier so I have to walk up a hill. I feel like a champion when I get in and avoid eating anything nasty because Rick’s attempt at a tuna pasta bake meant that the pasta was so undercooked I ended up chewing my cravings away. Every cloud and all that.

Day Six:

I have work and then a meeting afterwards so I’ve got a very long day and I’m really not feeling it. Sometimes the both of us don’t sleep very well and last night was one of the nights where as soon as my alarm goes off I have to start thinking about where I last put the matchsticks to hold my eyelids open. Work goes pretty quickly but because there is hardly anything left in the house because we’re between food shops and trying to change what we eat to be healthier I have to settle for a bagel cut in half with two slices of Dairylea Cheese on top. It doesn’t look good but it tastes alright and really fills me up all day which is a change! By the time I get home I’m not only feeling very ready for the first day off I have in six days but really full of carbs because I had another bagel for breakfast. I’ve never felt bloated from bread before but damn, I feel like I never want to each another sandwich in my life thanks.

My view on the way to the gym, even though this is obviously a building site the sky was such a beautiful colour regardless.

Day Seven:

Woohoo it’s the end of my first week! I have a gym induction in the morning and after chatting to the nice man who showed me around all of the equipment I have a round on the treadmill to ease me in. I’m determined not to do too much because a) I don’t want to die b) I’m sure all of the people around in me the gym know that I’ve no clue what I’m doing and are judging me with their eyes and c) I didn’t want to sweat all over the equipment when I forgot to pack a hand towel.

I have a good go and at one point find myself at a jogging pace for a good three or four minutes without realising it. I know I need to figure out how this whole ‘workout mindset’ is going to work for me because everything proves to be an easy distraction from knocking my drink bottle over to too much Madonna on my Spotify playlist. I really will find any excuse to stop concentrating on exercising and slowing down. Nonetheless I go for it then head into the centre to buy myself a padlock for my locker because no way am I paying £4.50 for one from the vending machine when I can trot into Poundland and come out with three!

I have a little nose around Primark whilst I’m at it and then end up trawling nearly every sportswear outlet in Cardiff with the same problem. What’s the point of trying to loose weight and get a size smaller when everything out there to begin with isn’t even plus size? I really like the activewear Primark have in at the moment and even though I came home with a gym towel, some headbands and socks the only item of active clothing I got was in the men’s section. I’m going through the racks seeing the same old story: eight, eight, eight, ten, ten, ooh look a twelve! Ridiculous. I come home defeated and practically turn to jelly after my shower because I’m that knackered.

Aww it’s my sweaty and scared looking gym selfie.

Day Eight:

Today is weighing day even though I’ve been sneaking a look at the scales all week I achieve an amazing ten pound loss. My Mum is chuffed and Rick even more proud and to mark the occasion I buy baby tomatoes and spinach in the weekly food shop. Once again, who am I? I have another day back at work I’m feeling really tired, I’ve got that muscle sore-ness I haven’t had in ages but I feel like if I’m up to it I’ll head to the gym in the night anyway and still pack my bag with clothes to change into. I may be feeling the effects of working out but I still feel really good, let’s hope this trend continues on!

Come back next week to read my progress, seeyou then!