Wedding Weight Loss: Week Four


Beginning Weight: 17st 6lb – Ending Weight: 17st 4lb

I’ve got a bumper post for you this time because I somehow fluffed up when my weigh-day was and had totally lost track of my days thanks to real-life intervening. The goods news is that instead of weighing myself on a Tuesday or Wednesday I’ve now swapped to Monday which falls inline with everyone else in the family who are on other dieting plans.

But alas, onto my progress!

Day Twenty-Three:

Today is rather peculiar for meals because I somehow end up eating a combination of a small bit of dinner left over from the night before (tuna pasta bake) with other bits and bobs added on top like a pack of sushi. I dread to think what it was like all sloshing around my stomach but I was happily satisfied and under calorie budget for the day. We eat a Hairy Dieter’s beef casserole that has been slow cooking all day and it tastes amazing when dinner rolls around – well worth the wait and very filling!

Day Twenty-Four:

I have quite a hearty day today with leftovers for lunch and a breakfast of my favourite toast and poached eggs. Nonetheless it keeps me going all day and I come home to a vegetarian meal of a three bean burger with a salad. I think I go a little overboard with the french dressing but nothing will stop me feeling like I’m chewing on a bush everytime I eat a salad. Alas, weight must be lost and eating like this is the way to do it sometimes and especially in hot weather.

These little snack boxes are my new favourite thing but you can only get them in one particular Tesco branch in the city, it’s a good thing it’s only round the corner from me

Day Twenty-Five:

I have a super-duper day as I split a falafel with Rick for lunch and only have some rice cakes on the side. It’s really sunny in Cardiff and going outside feels amazing but it’s a shame I’m cooped up indoors at work all of the time. I’m desperate to get out and do more exercise but I’ve developed a skin infection that flares up everytime I go to the gym so I’m resting up when I’m at home instead – not good for weight loss but good for the soul when I’m doing so much overtime and not getting home until quite late in the evenings.

Day Twenty-Six:

It’s back to an old fat-favourite for breakfast with a toasted muffin and a cheese slice on top. Funnily enough there’s not much calories in a breakfast like that, especially when I only have one muffin cut in half and one cheese slice for both instead of practically a whole packet. I devour a lunch of cous cous and discover that I can make myself a salad-type meal by picking up some lunchtime pick boxes from Tesco round the corner. They do little packs of meat, salads and beans to put into a lunchbox and they go perfectly, aren’t that fattening and work really well at filling me up and keeping me going right up until dinner time. I feel blessed at finding something to eat that has so variety and doesn’t cost the Earth!

Day Twenty-Seven:

I have the usual for breakfast and lunch at work but come home to soya meatballs and sauce for dinner. I wasn’t too fussed at the idea of using meat replacements in a meal such as this but when you’re feeling quite hungry you don’t realise you’re missing out on the actual meat-flavour. Maybe it was my tiredness and hunger or maybe it was my partner’s mad cooking skills but I actually enjoyed the soya and I never though I’d be a person that would!

There wasn’t much sunshine left by the time I’d gotten home from work it still didn’t stop us sitting outside to eat our soya meatballs

Day Twenty-Eight:

I have day off (the first in what feels like forever) and have resigned myself to spend a day inside working on our wedding invitations. A tool I’d ordered off of Ebay fails to turns up so we head out to Hobbycraft in the sunshine instead. We have a nice little walk and it feels really good to be outside of the house even though I know I have plenty to do at home. We go to Marks and Spencer for lunch and I spend the longest time trying to scan all the barcodes on the sandwiches and salads. I settle for a prawn salad in the end and instantly regret it as soon as I tuck in. First off I’ve scanned the wrong item when figuring out what I could eat and secondly it has such an odd flavour that I don’t enjoy it in the slightest and just end up picking at the prawns. Sadly just these and the sauce in the meal take out most of my allowance for the day and I spend the afternoon bitching about wasted calories. Woe is me. I change my weigh-day and somehow get muddle up with which week I’m in – woops.

The good news is I still manage to loose two pounds this week so I’m feeling quite pleased with myself as I go on into the next.