Wedding Weight Loss: Week Five


Beginning Weight: 17st 4lb – Ending Weight: 17st 1lb

Day Twenty-Nine:

I have the usual hearty breakfast for today and stick to my new improved cous cous salad lunch at work but when I come home I have a fishcake with a frozen risotto meal portion. The meal works even if it feels a bit light and I end snacking on rice cakes with creme cheese on top and a handful of Pringles. I feel a little better about this small cheat because I pushed myself to walk some of the way home after work when I really didn’t feel up to it but these extra work hours are catching up with me and practically fall into my bed in the nighttime.

Day Thirty:

We do something a little different for dinner and have a wrap each with fresh chicken and a little salad. Compared to yesterday I don’t feel like I’m starving myself but I am very tired. I wander if I was still eating the way I used to if I would be able to survive as I have but I do feel accomplished at the end of the day because I don’t let yesterday’s small cheat bring me down.

Day Thirty-One:

I’ve discovered Muller Light yoghurts and I’m obsessed with the toffee flavoured ones. We used to order in the multipacks of a value range low-fat yoghurt but they were almost double the calories of these Muller ones. Rick loves the limited edition peanut butter and caramel and I think I might have to stop buying these because I don’t think eating two in one sitting is an adequate enough meal replacement. I end up finishing work late and give in to a meal deal from a supermarket but I only eat one of the two sandwiches in the pack to save on calorie consumption and don’t dare touch any chocolate when my purchase is going through the till. I sit on a bench in the centre waiting for my bus home thinking that it’s okay for me to still enjoy the things I like as I eat my sandwich and how it’s all about not going overboard on these things.

Day Thirty-Two:

I have a day off and do little or no exercise because I have lots of wedding admin to do. I make myself some mushroom cous cous for lunch but I muck up the measurements and it’s far too watery for my taste. I leave half the bowl and look forward to dinner instead which is my favourite tuna pasta bake and it’s cooked to perfection this evening. I’m like a pig in muck supping up my dinner because I know it’s not going to kill me off for the week and it tastes oh so good. Maybe dieting isn’t so bad when you can still eat the things you really, really like?

Day Thirty-Three:

For some reason I didn’t log the next two days on my diary but I know I had a tuna sandwich for my lunch which I made at home so I measured everything out properly. I remember these two days being tough because I had to work later than I was expecting and the be honest with you it all feels like one big blur of work and home.

Day Thirty-Four:

Still didn’t log this meal in my diary but we make a Sunday roast at home for our main meal and it goes down a treat. I spend all day glued to my computer working on wedding admin and only surface for cups of tea and to dictate what is happening with the dinner. We have a genius idea of slow cooking for chicken crown for dinner and then using the leftovers for my lunches in the week. The chicken was perfect when it was ready and it slid off the bone when I was putting it out on the plate – an ideal warm dinner on a day when the summer sunshine had finally broken and it was a bit dreary outside.

I feel reluctant to weigh myself on my new weigh-in day the day after with how inconsistent I had been with eating this past week but when I step on the scales I’ve lost three pounds and I get a text message from my Mum congratulating me in the middle of the day.

I just wish I could’ve done more with going to the gym but hey-ho, I have a GP appointment next week to get this ailment sorted out so I can get back on track.