Wedding Weight Loss: Introduction


If you’ve come to this post from my Facebook page then you’ll have probably guessed by now that next year I’m getting married (woohoo!) and I thought it was about time I shed some stones to fit into a pretty dress.

If you’re new to this whole thing and don’t know me in IRL then you won’t know how long I’ve been overweight for which is pretty much all my life. I was never a really fat child I just had some puppy fat that seemed to develop more as I hit puberty. To make matters worse Mother Nature decided to land with me a huge pair of boobies (no idea where the came from in the family!) so the weight just got further and further out of control as I grew into a young lady.

Cue me at university in my early twenties incredibly unhappy because I was a) in a pretty crap relationship – let’s be honest and b) friendless and penniless so I turned to food and got bigger, and bigger and bigger. I sectioned myself off from all of my friends when I was away and everything went south in 2013 and even when moving back in with my parents soon after I tried and tried again to diet but never got very far. In the past, I’ve always used food as a tool to keep me going when I’m tired because in my mind food = energy and when you don’t have a great sleeping pattern anyways due to general life crap food is just there. So yeah, food has been a massive comfort to me in my life and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

So, this year I decided things have gotta change. Our wedding isn’t for another eleven months but believe it or not my wedding dress is already hanging up in my Mum’s wardrobe and right now it really does not fit!

I’ve decided to start dieting and exercising to get into that dress even if it kills me and if I loose the pounds to make myself a healthier person then bonus. I’m going to be tracking my weekly progress here to let everyone know what I’m up to and how I’m doing so feel free to comment to cheer me on or share any advice you may have.

Contrary to what the header image shows I’m not following any particular diet I’m just reducing my calorie consumption as well as notching up the exercise. I’ll be using the MyFitnessPal app alongside my Fitbit Charge HR to log all of my steps.

Here it goes…