My Wedding Invitation DIY

It feels like only yesterday we were sitting down with a pencil and paper with my Mum in the garden of the location that would become our wedding venue doing all of the maths to figure out if we could plausibly afford to get married there.

Mum had a coffee and brought Rick and I a pint of something fruity to share (cheapskate) and we sat there making the firm decision on where our micro-budget could be spent. Months later and we start to realise that whilst yes, we could afford to have the day we want to, we seriously couldn’t afford to throw our notes at the small things like our invitations.

Off to Pinterest I went looking for the inspiration for a DIY invite that I could create using my inkjet printer and some craft card and I was soon having a cheeky peek around my local Hobbycraft branch. It took some searching but I finally settled on an invitation design I was happy with and it was primarily based off of this tutorial that comes with a free printable.


I wasn’t a big fan of the template supplied in the tutorial but I quite liked the idea of ‘tying the knot’ literally within the card so that as soon as my guests opened their invite a piece of thread created a masterpiece. I wanted a simple and unique design that tied in with my theme so I ended creating my own template through a combination of Photoshop, Microsoft Word and a PDF creator. I used the internet a lot to aid me in making this template because I needed to work out a printable area that meant that my text would print exactly where I wanted it in relation to the spacing of my invite.


I brought several packs of blank kraft card from Hobbycraft for my invites so that I would have the cards, and the correctly sized envelope for them to go in because I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend over a tenner on a tool that folded paper into an envelope and I really didn’t have the time for that either.

I used an eyelit punch kit similiar to this one that I got off of Ebay for about £2 with postage and it turned out to be much more effective than the tool I first started making the invites with which was these Fiskars Eyelet Setters. This was perhaps the only mistake I made with these invites and I wish I’d swapped to the 1.5mm punch kit to begin with because the Fiskars Eyelet Setters made holes that were far to big to thread through and they caused so much destruction to my kitchen table.


Have you ever tried to pre-tie a knot without it becoming too taught for a card design? Have you? Nope? Well it’s really effing hard to do without messing up the whole thing and having to start again. I made a lot of these invites during evenings and weekends so I wasn’t the most alert at the time, hence I ended up chopping off and chucking away a fair amount of thread before I got it right. The thread colour goes with my wedding’s theme which is silver/grey and what my bridesmaids will be wearing.


Now for the big (kind of) surprise about our wedding. We are having an Alice in Wonderland theme in the decorations and design throughout. As I’ve said to suppliers as they start gushing, I want our theme to be really subtle and classy and finding these stamps on Ebay was almost too perfect of an accessory to add to our invites. They are cheap stamps and are going in the bin as soon as I’m completely done with them because they’ve only been made to last so many uses and they get ink everywhere which is why my fingers are covered in it in the photos. We debated on how many stamps to buy for ages before settling on one thing, Alice would predominately feature on our invites as a little Easter egg (or white rabbit) of what’s to come because we haven’t really told anyone outright yet what we’re planning.


I brought double the card I needed for my invites because packed in with the actual invites were two separate pieces of card that gave details of how to R.S.V.P and a request for all wedding gifts to be given as vouchers for a honeymoon. My researching, comparing and testing with different font pairings makes me feel really proud of these two inserts. I’m going to continue this font pair throughout my day with menu cards for each table and an order of service and being as it only takes some more card and a printer I don’t see them costing us much more for another little touch. I made my own R.S.V.P website for my guests to login to and it’s proving to be the most useful thing ever because I get emails directly to my phone with my guests menu choices and requirements. I seriously suggest any bride-to-be to consider doing online R.S.V.P’s.


Getting the stamping right is a real thing and it takes a little time and effort to find out the right ink to pressure ratio to get the best print. The Mad Hatter sits on the back of all of R.S.V.P’s and I hope our guests accidentally find him hiding there and start to piece together the puzzle.


I decided to stamp Alice so she appears as soon as your open the envelope. When guests open up their invite they’re already opening it in the right way to have the threaded knot displayed and they can (hopefully) see the complete picture. I really like the card packs I chose because it makes everything feel quite rustic without having to have spent a lot of money out of our budget for the effect.


I finished off my invites with a simple stamp of the card suits. Rick and I are seriously considering having this done as a tattoo each when we marry because I love small and elegant designs and he can’t get enough tattoos as it is so it’s not like he needs an excuse to get another one.

On reflection there are some really gorgeous designs out there for wedding invites and so many companies that can make them for you for cost, hey I only just clocked that Moonpig do customizable invites the other week! If you’ve got the dosh to spend I would point you in the direction of Etsy because there are some seriously talented people on there who are making a well deserved buck on their work. I’m happy with my invitations even though I could’ve changed the design a little to appear more professional but I honestly don’t care that much – I wanted something that was achievable to make and who’s going to remember the invites anyway?

For a gander at my inspiration board you can have a scroll through my Pinterest wedding invites board below:

Are you getting married? Have you tried any DIYs for your big day? Let me know in the comments.