Paperchase Wedding Planning Stationary

The Paperchase Wedding Planner Selection

If you’re starting to a plan a wedding I urge you to stay away from Pinterest unless you want to be reminded of how unorganised a bride-to-be can be compared to some. Fair enough, like on my profile you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your perfect day but you can’t stray too far without coming across a wedding checklist and realising that you’re really behind on the planning.


I’d been looking at wedding planner books for a little while before I came across a small, quite neglected display, in my local Paperchase. There were about three wedding planners that had seen better days and some seating arrangement books. Somehow I found myself leafing through them everytime I went in and pretty soon this little display started to grow and more and more pretty products were being added. I think Paperchase have only just clocked onto the wedding side of stationary and they’ve now brought out place cards, thank you notes and invitation packs too.


You can browse the ‘wedding stationary’ available here but you really want to have a gander at their decorations section here because there’s a lot more to see and choose from. I chose a complete set that cost around £30 and came with a wedding planner, a list book with sticky notes, a seating planner and a blank guest book for our guests to fill on the day. Unfortunately it looks like Paperchase no longer stock the set I purchased and the closest I can find to the planner itself is this one. I chose this kit because everything matches and you can still see the same theme as my stationary within the other wedding decorations in stock and available in store and online now – so I’ve forever got the option to add little pieces onto my wedding that tie in with what I already have.


To be completely truthful I chose this design because it integrated with theme of our day and I was especially interested in the guest book because, God knows, there are plenty of guest book ideas and designs out there and some of them cost a fortune. I think we’ve decided now that instead of using the blank scrapbook as a guest book we’d rather use it to print and design our own photo album because we’ve had a different idea for our guests instead and to be fair that’s one of the strengths of this selection – you don’t have to use everything but it’s there just in case.


I’ve been using the planner since day one when I spotted it online and took the plunge and it has been proven to be so useful for a disorganised soul like me. The planner breaks down your planning by month and lists what tasks you could be doing in the lead up to the day. Also included, and probably by far the best feature for me, are spaces to figure out your guest list, your wedding cake and your bridesmaids dresses.


The only thing that threw me when beginning the initial stages of planning our wedding was the lack of space to really mind-map your way around what type of day you want to have. When we decided to set a date Rick and I were just chilling out on the sofa one evening and I randomly started Googling on my phone how much it cost at a registry office to elope and next thing we knew our day had ballooned to a four-figure budget, a chapel blessing with reception and over one hundred guests. A change of plans like that really needs some page inches and you don’t really have it in the planner itself.


What you do get though, is a list book which is designed more for writing down your notes. I’ve started to discover that it’s a good idea to use the list book first to do your scribbling and then use the planner to write down ‘in best’ the almost final line-up. I haven’t used the seating plan yet until we have all of our R.S.V.P’s returned by the end of the year but I have a feeling it’s going to end up blu-tacked to our kitchen wall for full-time customisation.


Looking back I’m really glad I invested in something like this to keep me on top of things. Because our wedding is taking place in a different part of the UK and we have to travel to see our suppliers it’s so useful to just chuck ‘the wedding book’ as we call it in my bag and have all contact details and receipts ready for when I need them because the book has plastic holders for all those little scraps of important paper. Couple this with a few Pinterest board links to send off to people like the lady doing our decorations and I basically feel like I have this wedding malarky down. I really urge any bride to look into getting something like this, even if you’re having a wedding on the cheap because this planner throws up things you really do forget to think about like gifts for the wedding party, booking transport to and from and what sort of honeymoon to go for.

Are you getting married or know someone who is? What do you think of the wedding stationary selection from Paperchase? Let me know in the comments.