My Wedding Cake Inspiration

As the months draw nearer to our wedding it’s about time I started to share some of my thoughts and ideas that are going into our special day – especially when it takes someone to merely mention the word wedding and I am in there like a shot shoving my phone into their face and giving them a guided tour of my Pinterest profile.

I’ve been using Pinterest for nearly four years (I’m sure that’s when it launched?) and was on there before anyone really knew what it was all about and I spent my life explaining to my friends that it was pretty much like a visual book marker – perfect for anyone like me who is obsessed with organisation! Now the social media website is even advertising on UK television so it goes to show how far it’s come from humble beginnings of beauty tips and parenting crafts to a hub of practically anything you can think of – and pin.

When we booked our wedding venue our co-ordinator sent us a list of recommended suppliers to use and Helen of the Cottonwood Bakery was a firm favourite from the start. I truly love the creations Helen has photographs of online and she was totally prepared to listen to my ideas and how I gushed about a cake she had already made that was almost exactly like what I wanted.

In fact, one of the best ways for us to keep in contact in this day and age and especially because our wedding is happening in Leicestershire and we live in Wales is the internet. From day one of speaking to Helen I had already sent over my Pinterest board of cakes designs I liked and we both found the tool incredible useful.

Rick and I both agree that no wedding of ours should involve fruitcake of any kind. We both hate the stuff and we want to make sure that everyone who attends has a slice of the cake and takes some home for later. What perfect way to guarantee nearly every guest has a piece than a Victoria sponge cake? It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t like this simple recipe and as our ceremony will take place in the middle of spring the idea fit right in.

We are aiming for a tea party type occasion with teacups, saucers and (of course) books and the cakes I’ve seen via Pinterest and Helen’s website match my ideas. I adore the idea of a simple sponge cake (I think these are also called ‘naked’ or ‘blonde’ cakes) covered in strawberries and berries. I want each guest to get a mouthful of fresh fruit and cream and to want to eat our cake rather than taking a slice to be polite.

I’ve been pinning away for weeks now and have built up quite a collection of beautiful cakes that would mark any occasion and I’m really looking forward to the future tasting sessions with Helen as we go into next year.

Are you planning a wedding? Have you been pinning inspirational pieces to help visualise your perfect day? Let me know in the comments below.

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