Hey there, are you a brand thinking about reaching out and working with me? Find out all about me and my blog here.

I love the chance to work with brands and am especially interested in working with companies that fit into my blog’s criteria which is: beauty, books, haircare and lifestyle.

I sometimes like to post the odd review of technology and smart gadgets too but that’s because I work with these types of products on a daily basis and know quite a lot about them but it’s not a main feature of my blog.

Social media is my favourite part of blogging because I love to get the maximum outreach for my posts and hitting the relevant target audiences for my content. I won’t change or edit my words for different audiences but I do tend to err towards a particular age range of readers that I feel have the most to say for and that is those in their early to mid twenties.

I will always provide a completely honest and fair review for a product as I have experienced it and will always give it the same exposure as my own content regardless of if it is a review of a product or advertisement.

If you would like to work with me please contact me via my contact page or or email me directly at

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