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Real Techniques Make Up Brush Sets

Real Techniques Make Up Brush Sets

I turned twenty-six very recently and something that I’d always wanted to do to signify my transition into a fully functioning female adult with her shit together is buy some decent make-up brushes that I can wash instead of throw away. I’ll be the first […]

Wedding Weight Loss: Week Six

Beginning Weight: 17st 1lb – Ending Weight: 17st 1lb – No loss?!? Thus, we reach week six of my weight loss journey and it has been full of it’s ups and downs at that! I’ve enjoyed some weeks and felt like I’ve really been on […]

Wedding Weight Loss: Week Five

Beginning Weight: 17st 4lb – Ending Weight: 17st 1lb Day Twenty-Nine: I have the usual hearty breakfast for today and stick to my new improved cous cous salad lunch at work but when I come home I have a fishcake with a frozen risotto meal […]

Wedding Weight Loss: Week Four

Beginning Weight: 17st 6lb – Ending Weight: 17st 4lb I’ve got a bumper post for you this time because I somehow fluffed up when my weigh-day was and had totally lost track of my days thanks to real-life intervening. The goods news is that instead […]