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May: In Reading

  Crap, crap crap. I’m really late on this post aren’t I? I was determined to get it finished by the end of June, and then July happened and now August is happening – arrrgggh. To my credit I’ve written half of this post on […]

I Met Someone And That’s Totally Okay

I Met Someone And That’s Totally Okay

I know I’m pretty damn awful at keeping on top of my blog when it’s something I enjoy doing so much but this time I did actually have a legitimate excuse for complete radio silence for nearly three weeks. I met someone at Whitby Goth […]

April: In Reading

  I’m not gonna lie, life came and slapped me on the arse just recently and I haven’t had any time to do anything. I’d just about recovered from getting home from Whitby and now have a massive backlog of books to read as I […]

Reader Problems Tag

  It’s been a long, long time since I picked up a tag to fill out on this here blog but I saw this one banging around the internet and I really wanted to fill it out. The Reader Problems Tag was created by AboutToRead. […]