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Wedding Weight Loss: Week Three

Beginning Weight: 17st 9lb – Ending Weight: 17st 6lb You’ll have to excuse my sunburnt face and overall tired look in the above picture because 1) I’ve been working all of the overtime lately and 2) somewhere between working all of those hours I managed […]

My Name is Leon by Kit De Waal Book Review

My Name is Leon by Kit De Waal Book Review

‘Leon is nine, and has a perfect baby brother called Jake. They have gone to live with Maureen, who has fuzzy red hair like a halo, and a belly like Father Christmas. But the adults are speaking in low voices, and wearing Pretend faces. They […]

Wedding Weight Loss: Week Two

Beginning Weight: 17st 10lb – Ending Weight: 17st 9lb Day Nine: It’s the day after weigh-in and I have a day off but we end up spending the whole day searching for craft supplies and doing a hell of a lot of admin for the wedding. […]

Wedding Weight Loss: Week One

Beginning Weight: 18st 6lb (God help me!) – Ending Weight: 17st 10lb Day One: I decide to weigh myself for the first time in nearly a year. Crap. I’m much heavier than I anticipated and to top it all off my last MyFitnessPal weight input […]