The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette – First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to brand I’d never tried before thanks to a random Debenhams voucher win – Too Faced. I’d heard plenty about Too Faced and I knew that their eyeshadow palettes were almost cult but I had no idea exactly how broad their cosmetic collection is.

The most time I’ve ever spent at a counter was debating over the heart-shaped highlighters as I’m an Urban Decay eyeshadow fan through and through – so I thought it wise to go completely out of my comfort zone and purchase the Sweet Peach Palette and give it a whirl when I had the spare cash.


As soon as the sales assistant opened the package in branch to check it wasn’t broken before I took it home (a customer service I always appreciate) I could smell the peach scented shadows. I knew these products were scented but I wasn’t expecting the fragrance to be so strong, it’s almost sickly.

Going home with an eyeshadow palette that I hadn’t properly read up on is quite brave for me so I was I’d pinned high hopes on this product when I got it home and started using it – I wanted it to be really worth the risk.


This palette is full of candy-themed shades from bright pink to ruby browns. There’s a real mix of matte and shimmer shades and I find that each colour holds up in it’s own way. On use, some shades that I’d head for straight the way aren’t as well-performing when blended as opposed to others I’d naturally avoid so getting a decent use from this palette has been quite a challenge. Oh, and thankfully the sickly peach smell does calm down after some time too.

I’ve tried using the little pamphlet with a handful of ‘looks’ or ‘tutorials’ but it hasn’t gone down too well with me because some of them were just… ghastly. A stand-out is Southern Belle as these colours just don’t blend as well as they should on my lid, yet Smouldering Peach looks beautiful when given the time to really work the look and layer it up.


Although there’s some real benefits to this palette, such as some delicious shades and shimmers that really stick to your eyelid without having to wet a make-up brush with setting spray first… the fall out is an absolutely massive let down.

I have to be careful every time use this palette because shades like Summer Yum just fall away from the brush. I spend a lot of my time tapping excess away from the brushes before I apply and it’s incredibly annoying. You barely need to apply any pressure before the eye shadow excess sprouts out from the pan and into the other colours – I’m nearly always blowing off this palette to avoid bleeds between shades.

I’m glad I’ve taken the plunge and purchased this product for my own collection, especially as there have been some lovey soft and subtle eyeshadow looks I’ve achieved with it, but the fallout from the product really makes it annoying to use at times and is quite a let-down.

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

  • I was really pleased that I took the plunge with this too! I wasn’t sure if I’d get the use out of it but in reality I reach for it all the time 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • I thought that I wouldn’t use it that much but apart from the fallout it’s quite easy to create a quick look with

      Mel ✨

  • There are some gorgeous shades in this one and I’ve been tempted for ages! Shame about the fall out though.

    The Makeup Directory

    • Yeah I know but as long you remember the tap the access it’s kinda worth it – there are more expensive palettes that I’m sure are worse

      Mel ✨

  • Amy

    I have to admit I really dislike Too Faced palettes and didn’t get this one after a disappointing experience with another. Love the concept and colours included but the quality falls a bit short for me X

    • I wouldn’t touch the chocolate bon bon one or anything like that, especially after this they just seem like a bit of gimmick.

      Mel ✨

  • I love the glitter dark blue shade! It’s such a shame about the fall out. I’m sticking with my Urban Decay pallet at the moment, but I tend to only use one shade so I’m looking for a new replacement. | Latest blog post: Winter Snow Truffles Recipe ❄

    • I haven’t used the glitter dark blue as when I swatched it the glitter didn’t really show 🙁

      Mel ✨

  • I love the look of this palette, all of the shades look really wearable!

    Danielle xx

    • They are, they build really well when blended as well

      Mel ✨

  • I have this palette and have to agree there are some shades that will need building. I don’t remember experiencing fall-out though. Such a shame because the colours are so pretty! xx


    • It might just be mine, the fallout is worse on some shades over others

      Mel ✨