My Favourite MAC x 9 Eyeshadow Palettes
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MACx9 Eyeshadow Palettes Review

If you’ve been hanging around my blog long enough you’d have an inkling about my love for eyeshadow palettes. I don’t know where my obsession with luxury palettes came from from, one day I was sticking my fingers into a bargain-bucket Rimmel London eyeshadow quad and the next I was swooning over the latest Urban Decay release (I’m looking at you Backtalk).

There’s just something about a palette with a really well-rounded selection of shades that really calls to me. As much as I love having a full palette to play with, I really can’t afford to carry two or three of them around in my make up bag without busting a shoulder. Some miniatures you can pick up on the high-street can be really handy for an emergency make up situation, but they don’t have the selection that I really like and I often overlook them.

Enter the MACx9 eyeshadow palettes. I currently own the Dusky Rose and Burgundy palettes stashed away in my vanity and I keep finding myself falling for them again and again. They sit just at the side of my top drawer and occasionally I uncover them and have a romantic affair for a few weeks with a portable palette I can pack away anywhere – dangerous stuff.

I originally came home with the Burgundy palette when I went a little wild buying make up for our wedding nearly a year ago – and I’ve still held onto it! I was completely into my browns and reds at the time and I was wearing it practically daily for the first few weeks until I moved onto something else. Then, not too long ago I was on a little spending spree at good old Debs and I popped the Dusky Rose into my basket too, my collection was growing.

What I really enjoy about these palettes is how the formula is strong enough without a lot of fall out on the brush. The selection of colours in the pans is just enough to create a strong and varied look on the eyelid and you don’t end up with the old panda eyes when you’re done too.

I’d call these a ‘day-to-night’ kind of make up product if the phrase didn’t sound so 1) overused and 2) cheesy as fuck.

There’s a good few ‘middle’ colours to give a decent base for a look and then a variety of darker colours to create a smokey eye too so yeah, you can totally rock this throughout the day without feeling ashamed about it. When I’m wearing one of these I like to use the mix of matte and shiny shades for a look, because a girl can never have enough glitter these days.

Even though I pocketed the Dusty Rose and swooned over it as soon as it arrived, I still prefer the Burgundy. Somehow the latter just doesn’t have the same impact and the pinks don’t appear as strong, but I still love it and use it regularly. I’ve even shock, horror mixed the two palettes together to create a look.

Generally, the formula is fab on these little palettes and they’re quite purse-friendly at about £25 each if you want to get a feel for MAC’s eyeshadows without choosing the individual shadows and being stuck with only one colour. Personally, I quite like the look of Solar Glow for my next addition…