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Now For Something I Worked on A While Back (Electricity 2014)

So way, way back I did a week’s worth of running work on a feature film being shot in Newcastle. The hours were gruelling, my feet hurt like hell and I get a hella bad sunburn. Apparently this is my first production credit so I really excited when the trailer for the film hit the web recently.

The film, Electricity, stars Agyness Deyn with support from Christian Cooke and Lenora Critchlow. The story is based on the book by Ray Robinson and is about Lily O’Connor, a witty, sexy, searingly defiant northerner with epilepsy who finds out that the brother she’s long thought dead could still be alive and she risks her life to go in search of him.

The film hits cinemas on 12th December and you can watch trailer below. It’s actually pretty cool seeing some of the scenes I was working on in the trailer as well, especially the nightclub scenes as I probably got lost in the actual club about five times! Not helpful when you’re trying to move extras from one location to another…

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