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When You Really Hate Valentine’s Day…

  So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and this year I’m feeling like a big fat Grinch in a Cupid costume. Last year I was still numb with the pain of heartbreak so the day passed over my head without so much of […]

Life Just Lately

Time and time again I say I’m going to post more on my blog and then – lo and behold – I don’t. What can I say, what excuse can I give, who can I blame? Sorry, I’ve been busy/sick/lazy and no one but myself. […]

The 1989 Tag

So I have a little secret. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. I practically played Red until the disc wore down and now I have 1989 on a loop. In fact, I’ve even booked tickets for me and a friend to see her at Hyde […]

Table For One Please

 The last few weeks I’ve been indulging in an activity that some of my friends have found astounding. I’ve had comments ranging from ‘you’re really brave to do that’ and to ‘I wouldn’t ever consider doing that myself’. So what is it I’ve been doing […]