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I’m Moving to Wales and That’s Totally Okay

On the theme of sometimes cryptic announcements on my blog it’s time I shared some news with you that I’ve been keeping a secret for near-on a month. And trust me, it’s been real hard not to share it with the internet. I’m moving to […]

I Met Someone And That’s Totally Okay

I Met Someone And That’s Totally Okay

I know I’m pretty damn awful at keeping on top of my blog when it’s something I enjoy doing so much but this time I did actually have a legitimate excuse for complete radio silence for nearly three weeks. I met someone at Whitby Goth […]

When You Really Hate Valentine’s Day…

  So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and this year I’m feeling like a big fat Grinch in a Cupid costume. Last year I was still numb with the pain of heartbreak so the day passed over my head without so much of […]

Life Just Lately

Time and time again I say I’m going to post more on my blog and then – lo and behold – I don’t. What can I say, what excuse can I give, who can I blame? Sorry, I’ve been busy/sick/lazy and no one but myself. […]