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Yellow Back Books, High Street Arcade Cardiff


Living in a city such as Cardiff you end up stumbling across some little nuggets from time and time on your walk around the centre and this so happened one weekend in one of the arcades. Snuggled in between two other shops in the High Street Arcade is the pop-up shop Yellow Back Books. The shop is a collaboration between a group of people who want to provide artists with an outlet for their published works.



These are no ordinary books sitting on these bright DIY shelves, these are more works of art than pieces of literature. I went in expecting books written about artists or by artists but found myself to be leafing through pamphlet-like pieces that ranged from pages full of quotes to printed photographs and paintings.




A lot of care and effort has gone into these books and it’s clear that reading them is quite an adventure. I’m not really one for art myself but it was good to see something a little different on my walk through that day. The staff were really friendly and totally happy to explain what this was all about as it were when I popped in but they only have one week left of trade before their pop-up closes it’s doors. If you’re in Cardiff give the place a look-in or follow these guys’ story via @yellowbackbooks or their Facebook page.