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My First Ever Glossybox Including Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

You could call the blogging community saturated with reviews of beauty subscription boxes and everywhere you turn the naysayers will be bitching off whatever service you’re interested in with: ‘it’s not as good as it used to be’. For subscriptions newbs like me that can be incredibly off-putting and hence I hadn’t ever touched a beauty box or even fathomed the idea of spending out each month for a box of make-up samples to come through my door – it all just felt like a waste of money and everyone else is blogging about them anyway.

I was nosing about Louise Pentland’s blog recently after her recent baby announcement and I realised that aside from her exciting news, she’s also got some even more exciting events on the horizon because she’s releasing her first novel. Since waisting my pocket money on Zoella’s Girl Online a couple of years back I’ve approached most internet celebs literary works with caution. Honestly, a lot of the published stuff out there on the shelves of Waterstones and WHSmiths just isn’t for my age range so I don’t even bother.


Well, Louise had a 50% off code for the June Glossybox as inside came a taster of her book Wilde Like Me. Apart from the synopsis sounding so, so cheesy I think I’m going to be buying this when it comes out for general release because having a flick through it seems to be a decent read and having a little extra in my first ever Glossybox order was pretty awesome, because I loves me a bargain.


Along with a copy of Louise’s book (that I greatly enjoyed by the way but the jury’s out until I get my mitts on a full version) I was also treated to two free gifts as well as it all coming down with a cool fifty percent off. Oh *fans self*, I was practically drooling at the checkout because I’ve looked at monthly subscription boxes in the £30+ regions before and seriously very nearly signed up for them but having a full Glossybox arrive through my door for under a tenner with postage – wowzer.

Without further ado – let’s see what I was treated to in my June box:


Eness Cosmetics Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream

I have enough hand creams to last me atleast five winters so opening up another one was a bit of a pain – but then this is a full sized product! I had my nails done for our wedding and they’ve been in a sorry state since I pulled them off, they were weak and were actually painful for a little while so I feel like this is something I could’ve done with then and not now.

I don’t like very wet or oily hand creams so this isn’t quite up my street (I’m very picky about my hand creams though) but Rick has had some dry skin appear on his palms lately so I’ve stashed this in his man-stand full of his beauty bits without him noticing – yet.

Batiste Stylist Shield My Locks Heat and Shine Spray

I tucked into this thinking it was some good old dry shampoo because, let’s be honest, that’s what most of us girls know Batiste for in the aisles but found that it was something else when I looked further. This can is a part of the style range and the spray included is specifically for dry hair to add some heat protection when styling. Well, I think I’ve need some heat protection just walking down the street in this weather recently let alone dare to pick up a pair of straighteners and risk melting myself to death so I haven’t even touched this yet but call me impressed.

I have a handful of sprays for my hair that’s meant to be for application when your locks are wet and I take such terrible care of my hair most of the time that I forget to use them so spitzing some of this across my head sounds like a plan – instead of feeling like I’ve missed out on a crucial step of a night-out look I can still achieve great things with dry hair. This was also another full sized product so I was treated to what felt like a bumper box this month with that AND my two free gifts.



Beauty Pro Black Diamond Peel Off Mask

I don’t do masks too often because I can’t wear my glasses with them and the whole idea of putting on a mask, I feel, is to relax and I can’t really do that without being able to see. These have been all over the web as well as those 3D bubble masks so I’m excited to give it a try when I next have chance but I feel like if I put it on my face lately it would bake on, so I’ll wait for the weather to calm down a little first. My Snapchat mates are gonna be loving my stories when I do.

Sleek Makeup Power Plump Lip Crayon

My decision is out on the Sleek lip crayon because I just don’t know how I feel about the shade I received. My crayon is in Colossal Coral and even the name just gives me intense flashbacks to college when everything was all about coral. Coral lipstick, coral earrings, coral sandals… OMG. I’ve tried this and it’s a tad bright for everyday wear but I’d still wear it for a night out – wearing something a little brighter than usual on my lips hasn’t stopped me before and I actually haven’t tried a Sleek lip product before now – only the eye palettes.

Model Co Contour Stick

I believe that this mini contour stick was one of my free gifts and when I first looked at it I thought it was another lip crayon type product. Turns out putting it on my lips would’ve been completely the wrong idea because it’s actually for contouring. I like the idea of having precision but contouring scared me on a daily basis and I’m forever too chicken to really give it a go. Swatching the product however shows me how it can blend out quite well so maybe for a day when I’m not leaving the house and wanting to have a little play with my cosmetics I’ll try it.


This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up All-In-One

Something I like about beauty boxes like these is that they open my world up to brands and products I’ve never heard of before and This Works is one of them. I read the description of this product and thought yes, I love an all-in-one beauty buy and I tend to be on the regular look out for products that can either lay a decent base or work well enough on their own.

I swear I tried this on this morning and I don’t know if its just because I used too much or if I was just too sweaty but it caked my face in grease. The product managed to gather in the creases of my face like near my nose and it smeared my glasses leaving me running to loo at lunch and washing it off. I adore the idea of it and I’m willing to give it a try as a real base instead but as a standalone it was utter pants. Booooo.



MANNA KADAR Cosmetics Sheer Glow Illuminator

I haven’t got my head around strobing because I have a few liquid type highlighting products in my stash so finding another in liquid form kinda pains me a little. reading up on this it looks like something you can mix with your current foundation and the shade looks like something that may suit me. I’ve added this to my top drawers of cosmetics to add to my beauty regime and see how it looks.

111 Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel

No secret here but I don’t like age-reversal products because I don’t think you can buy the fountain of youth on the a shop shelf. AND, these products are so overly priced we must be suckers to spend on them, but we do and products like this one exist just for that. No surprise that this was one of the smallest samples of the lot in my Glossybox. A whole full size version of this product is worth over one hundred pounds so it could be laced with real gold and unicorn horn shavings for all I know. For saying I have a problem with dark under circled and discoloured skin around my eyes it sounds like the product for me so watch this space, I may end up being a convert in a few weeks once it’s worked it’s magic!


What did you get in your subscription this month? Was there anything you really liked or didn’t like so much? Let me know in the comments.