Bloggerverse Talking Points For September

It may be over halfway through the year and I’m crap at keeping up with blogging commitments but who gives a hoot – I wanted to talk about some cool things I’d come across in the bloggerverse lately so here I am.

Suddenly this morning I felt like I wanted to write a monthly post about some of the highs and lows of the internet. It’s not often I compose posts like these and I feel a bit weird about posting other people’s photos here but I do hope you follow my links to their content and check out their blogs and YouTube channels for yourself. Also, please do forgive my crappy homemade header – I think every creative bone I did have in my body was crushed sometime in 2012 and never healed because it’s looks awful to me but serves a purpose.

I’d really like to keep up this monthly series going so let me know what you think in the comments because everything is open to discussion here. But, in the meantime – here’s some talking points to get you started for September:


We need to talk about Sally’s flat-lay blog photos: 

Now I may own a big girl camera (there’s a Canon 600D gathering dust on my bookcase) and some professional light sets (also gathering dust, but they don’t fit on the bookcase) but I’m not pro when it comes to composing photos for my blog. Tips on how to compose the best photos? How to make your own at-home light box for blog pics? I’ve seen them all and probably pinned them and then just not read them.

I’ve been hanging around Sally’s blog The Makeup Directory for a few weeks and she posted up the most amazing tutorial about flat lay photography and her top tips. I immediately got to work myself thanks to her advice I had my first go at proper flat lay photos for my post on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I am well jel of Sally’s eye for composition and especially the props she uses too. I’ve only just started to come around to the idea of backgrounds for photos and have been sleuthing around Paperchase’s shelves for weeks before I decided to the take the plunge and actually buy something. Sally has been a huge inspiration and her post is probably the most useful bit of advice I’ve come across so far.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 13.16.57

SprinkleofGlitter is no more:

Last year I met Louise at a book signing of her first book Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter and I’ll be very honest right here about it. Those rose-coloured specs shattered in a heartbeat. Why? Well I spent about forty minutes queuing with girls half my age and was ushered very quickly towards Louise for a photo (that wasn’t taken in time because the meeting was so quick) and as she she signed my copy of her book she said something about Darcy would’ve liked the t-shirt I was wearing. That was it. Uuhhh, I know you’ve got a cute kid but that’s not what I’m interested about… unlike a LOT of your fans!

I was so excited about meeting this lovely woman who’s videos opened my heart to her bubbly personality at a time I was feeling mega sad about myself and needing a distant friend who made me think… okay so you’re like me and that’s totally okay and no boy can make me feel shit about being awesome – but that meeting was a huge let down. I felt so old meeting her and everything she’s done or released from her YouTube fame has sent me running for the hills afterward.

Let’s cut to chase. Ms Louise Pentland is pretty badass in my opinion but her catering to her young tween audience has been getting on my tits for some time… much like the whole YouTube 14yr old audience crap does in general but I keep my thoughts to myself about it generally because: hello they’re making money and I would do the same thing! SO, I’m chomping at the bit now Louise has taken the leap and is acting her age online. I’ve seen this coming a mile off but I’m not complaining about it. Life isn’t all glitter and kittens and yes, us women do prance around in just a t-shirt and knickers in hot weather (FYI I’m usually down to just my bra and knickknacks in the summer with the curtains closed) and we swear a lot.

A million times the applause emoji for Louise, I’ll be watching with intrigue!


Vivianna Does Makeup transforms for a new era, and it looks pretty awesome:

Speaking of changes Anna’s new online approach is slick and professional as she’s swapped from the old Vivianna Does Makeup to The Anna Edit.

I’m a fan of Anna’s writing style anyway because not only does she have a make-up collection to lust after, she also knows how to write a decent bit of text to go alongside her lovely photos. When I was looking at refreshing my own blog I spent a great deal of time around Anna’s old blog reading her posts and thinking about the sort of blogger I wanted to be so I’m not lying when I say that this girl is one of my inspirations for just being me online.

I’m so impressed by how Anna’s new blog design looks and even more so with the care she takes to explain her transformation on her introduction post. I’ve watched (rather successful) bloggers change their name and style online before and unfortunately their new direction just hasn’t worked or has been a total turn off because they’re trying to put on a squeaky clean look that doesn’t slide with me when I loved them for being original online. However, I think Anna’s new style is going to be a hit because I can already tell that this girl is carrying on as normal, but is just looking a lot more swank in the process.


Vix Meldrew tells it like it is:

Last month Vix wrote a post on the topics of bloggers online vs real life and it broke the blogging world like Kim K broke the internet with her bare arse… Okay maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal but her post was sure eye-opening. Vix is the sort of person who isn’t afraid to cut through the bullcrap and tell it like it is, and I’m not surprised that she had some stories to tell about meeting bloggers and YouTubers IRL and seeing them for who they really are.

As I’ve mentioned meeting one of my favourite YouTubers earlier in this post and my disdain for the whole thing of gaining subscribers, comments and likes of videos – Vix’s post struck a cord with me. I think blogging and vlogging are a very interesting, new, exciting avenue for companies to find a way to reach out to audiences through personalities online. But, I think some of those personalities need to have a hard think about how they paint themselves online and what it means to be a media personality. This is unchartered territory for us all and there’ll probably be about a hundred media theory students drafting essays on the subject for modules this coming academic year but it’s not okay to be fake or rude behind the scenes.

No one likes a diva and it doesn’t matter how many likes or followers you have – those people put you there and they can easily take you back down again.

So, that’s me done for September. What do you think of Louise’s plans for growing up online? Did you read Vix’s post on online vs IRL and what was your reaction – let me know in the comments.