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So who am I?

Well, that’s perhaps the most interesting question I’ve been asked in a long time.

To be honest the answer is simple, I’m Mel and this is my blog.

I’ve been blogging inconsistently since 2014 using Blogger until I moved over to my own hosted website in about 2016 – I still didn’t blog as much as I’d have liked to even though I was leaking money each year paying for webspace, ugh.

I studied Media Production specialising in TV and Radio broadcasting at the University of Sunderland and graduated in 2012. I started this website (in my maiden name back then!) as a means to showcase my industry work. Needless to say, it turned into something else.

If you want to get an idea of who I am let me give you some highlights: I’m an incredibly organised individual (I once worn an award as Queen of Admin in my office) who really, like truly, loves getting right into big projects. Sometimes I put a little too much on my plate, and then other times I boss it. I can chat to anyone about anything: which is ideal for my current full-time role in telesales, and I’m a little bit of a tomboy at heart but I can still swoon over a shiny beauty product. I’m also really into YA books and reading.


I hopped it to Cardiff in 2016 after being born and raised in the East Midlands (massive) to move in with a man who I ended up marrying. He’s kinda cool, bearded and like totally into tattoos and piercings. Oh, and I’m also step-mum (not the evil Disney kind I hope) to a cheeky seven year-old little girl. She likes a lot of pink, I can roll with that.

We moved back to Leicestershire in the spring of 2017 fresh out of the registry office and I decided to put my sights firmly on getting my scrap of the internet up and running – and here we are.

By day I’m the human-slave to rescue cat called Kipper as well as occasionally feeling brave enough to feed our ball python, Medusa (who’s a boy… yep) and by night I often drop my phone on my head from scrolling various social medias constantly in bed.

I’m just a completely normal woman with a real lust for make up and books with an occasionally wicked sense of humour – hiya.

Any questions, queries or if you’re just wanting to make a friend email me at hello@meleaglestone.co.uk.